Level 2: Keyword

Last Update: August 08, 2018

I'm having trouble deciding on what my key word is for my Niche to build my first website content. I've written down a few ideas and tomorrow morning I will decide the path I will follow and build my first content for my website. I've been a little discouraged and I thought this would flow much easier. But I'm pushing through, I'm going to get this job done. WA is a path to a brighter future!

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kpercival55 Premium
Don’t be discouraged Adrian, we’ve all gone through the exact same situation.
The first one is the hardest. It helped me to back and review the training and some of other members blogs on the subject. Don’t rush it, when it feels right you will know. Make it something you truly care about. You WILL get there.
Wishing you a wonderful day!

Kyle Ann
firstlearn Premium
There is no need to be discouraged Adrian. Sometimes it is better to sleep on ideas than just rush in with the first one.

I wish you success.

ABerkeley1 Premium
Thank you firstlearn. Advice to live by!
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Hey Adrian,
Congrats on your progress!!!

Tried and True

Annaeri26 Premium
Dont feel discouraged!! It will come to you, it didnt come to me at first either. i actually made.. than deleted about three sites before i stuck to one i really wanted. My best advice is to follow thru with the training, you'll learn A LOT in it. There is no time limit either for you to find one. Trial and error!
ABerkeley1 Premium
Thank you for the very good advice! I'll be patient, I'll take it one step at a time even if it takes longer than I planned. I will be following you and everything you the best!
Annaeri26 Premium
Absolutely!! Glad you joined it truly is a great community!
wishing you the best as well!