I'm Walking on Sunshine....wooohoo!

Last Update: December 12, 2014

Hi Folks!

My name is Annice and I've been with the WA Community for 8 days as of today.

I came here somewhat out of desperation. Not 'total desperation' but close! I am a Nurse in my Community here in Ontario Canada and I fell ill mid August and had to take a leave of absence. The bills still had to be paid, and although my wonderful 'partner in crime' tries to reassure me daily that 'everything will be fine' he doesn't make enough to keep the roof over our head and feed us all on his own. Hence my search...starting approximately 2 weeks after I went on leave...for some way to make money from home legitimately. Oh there's tons of work out there, for a pittance of a pay. I tried Medical Transcription and made approx $5 for 25 hours of work before I gave up on that. It was a very frustrating job, for me anyhow. My search continued. 9 days ago I was feeling antsy and frustrated. Christmas is coming, I have 6 kids between my partner and I and I was panicky and grumpy (I'm an Irish descendant with red hair and a strong personality)....I told my 'other half' that I was going back to work. This didn't go over very well as he and my family doctor feel I should wait until the New Year. Boo!

It wasn't until just over a week ago I decided to join up here.

From day 1 I felt excited. That excitement continued to grow as I followed through with the Amazing Free Lessons and began building my niche, then my website which is now my business.

The Community here is absolutely fabulous. So many people have offered suggestions, help, a simple kind word or welcome, and it makes all the difference in the world. This Community here at WA has increased my confidence AND interest in so many new areas. I love it here, truly.

I've learned so much more than I could have imagined! I honestly didn't think I'd be interested in training of any kind other than Nursing ever again in my life. But here I am, and I've built a really neat website, which I'm working on daily and having fun doing it! I'm interacting with an amazing group of people and feel better about my future each and every day. I haven't made any money yet, but I'm honestly confident I will.

My goals for 3 months from now are to be healthier and happier and to have an income of at least $3k per month. I don't want to shoot too high and sound unrealistic, but I honestly don't know what the 'real' possibilities are here. I know I'm not afraid to work, I'm loving the people interaction and this community, and I love to learn.

I want to thank Kyle and Carson for creating this opportunity and Vince for pointing me here in the first place. Seriously, You guys ROCK!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! I'm excited to be part of this wonderful group! You guys are awesome!

Please take a peek at my site and all tips and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Pet Lovers Cave

Please take care of you! You're the only YOU there is!


P.S. Wishing you all safe Happy Holidays!

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cookma54 Premium
Great Blog ... nice to meet you! M
Michelle04 Premium
Hi Annice! So glad to hear that you are happy here, it truly is a great group of people! I looked at your website and I really like it. It's easily navigable and your pictures really add to it. Just keep doing your thing! :) Michelle
AAllatt Premium
Thanks Michelle! I really am loving it. I could gush on and on..lol. I appreciate you connecting with me again here...I feel I will be making some awesome friends here! Wishing you a fabulous day!
Michelle04 Premium
You have a great day as well. :)