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Last Update: November 08, 2017

Hello everyone, this is Jack Butler I am 57 years old, i have been running businesses for most of my life, as well as building a small rental property investment. I have worked very hard my entire life, and have looked into affilitate marketing for many years,

knowing the potential with the right effort's, however over this time period,I have only run into scams, high cost, always wanting more money, once your are in there loop.

well i am here to tell you i have worked entirely to hard for what success i have achieved,

and I will not let it go that easily.

Remember these decisions I have made is simply from the school of hard knock's, and there is entirely to many people out there trying to get a hold of your money, for next to nothing from them, verses what they are getting from you. So being who I am, someone who does not give up easily, I ran into to WA, started the proccess, and was amazingly surprised to see the legitimacey right away, It was so clear, trhat this organization is not a scam because of the layout, The education was thru the website,and the members, not some high paid coach's, that you have to pay an enormous amount of money to, just to get started. Anyway I found some excitement right away,Because of the low cost's to get started, and a detailed lay out of instructions within the WA website.

I am totally new to this, and I am begining finally to understand the lagistics of manuvering thru a computer, so thus far my biggest obstacle has been computer literacey. however I tell you with my sreadfast patience and deligence, I am moving forward with patience. one of my other concern's was a level of shyness do to my own ignorance, especially when I saw some of the abilities of member's of WA. Oops big mistake not smart. certainly a form of insecurity, that I am overcoming, simply because of the help that i see out there, and the willingness, everyone has to offer, obviously because of the way this system is set up to benifit everyone.

To end this blog, I am simply a still very busy person who is trying to wind down my life, and get into this home based business, that no doubt has a huge potential, with the right motivation, and thought process. Certainly WA has and will be the right decision for me to stay with a move forward into this field. I hope the best for all WA members.

Sincerely, Jack

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NnurseBecca Premium Plus
I don't understand completely disregarding a comment if it doesn't fit exact criteria. My comment was unique and heartfelt. It spoke of the content as requested. And was artistic in my way. Hou should be willing to accept and respond or request a revision, unless it is completely unrelated or derogatory. The point I am trying to make is even masters of comments aren't cookie cutter. Disapproval creates a bad percent rates, perhaps undeservingly. I think it doscourages people from giving valid and valuable input. After a year of struggling with this concept, I may be done commenting on any site if you can't see it in your heart to give my poor comment a chance.
I'm just saying, if you pay a haypenny you should still not dictate another person's free speech.
MeganW Premium
Hi Jack, most of us were totally new at this when we found WA. Over time we've acquired skills we didn't have previously. Some of us are better at explaining/doing one component, others something else. The collective information we have here at WA, not just in content, but in people knowledge is great. There is always someone who can answer that question.

Good luck with your sites.