Help needed to find and create a database for multiple employers with multiple jobs and applicants

Last Update: January 24, 2016

Help I'm being burred in paperwork I know there is a sea of databases out there - I'm in search of a really good one, preferable one that also offers an affiliate program - perhaps someone in our WA community can help?

Hi there friends - those who know me know that I have been less active these past few weeks, I'me still here and now about to further grow my Job Finding Service that I wrote about a few months ago

Anyway our business is now heading towards another peak period with our local kiwifruit harvest season starting in March 2016. There will again be an abundance of work for young travellers. My plan is to help drive and match young travellers to short term jobs available in our kiwifruit industry using a dynamic and responsive database that has the ability to expand into something quite big. Utilising multiple memberships for both Employers and Job Seekers. Where people can log in and manipulate their own data using a cloud based system.

At the moment it is simply a way for me to move my manual system of handling peoples' data into a more simplified yet dynamic automated form. I'm thinking so far either a HR or dating type of database. I am looking for a system that can grow and expand as my customer base is international working holiday travellers who look for short term jobs to help fund their 12 - 24 month working holiday in New Zealand.

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KatieMac Premium
I do not know if this is of any help there is a plugin called not sure if it is what your looking for
4GoodBuy Premium
Thanks Katie - I will check it out