Black Friday Sale Marketing my first attempt 2017

Last Update: November 24, 2017

After hearing and seeing what others are doing to market WA I decided to make an attempt myself.

I created a simple free website, re-tweeting someone else’s, and personalising it to suit me.

I also created my first Facebook add, $15, and directly shared via my own sites and few groups I follow.

I also noticed that over the past 2+ years while I have a few (36) referrals, only a handful have created profiles and may be a little active but none of the 36 referrals have gone premium... so I sent a link to all of them to invite them to try upgrading to premium this year... hopefully some take up the invitation.

Welcome to hear any feedback, constructive criticism is always appreciated - following with interest

Yours Tracey

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Marlinda1 Premium
Hey Tracey, you're doing awesome! Keep up the good work. Don't worry about referrals. They'll do w/e they're gonna do. Just keep up the good, consistent content. :)
4GoodBuy Premium
Wow thank you so much for noticing my effort... my visions and social entrepreneur spirit is great... your story is so full of inspiration... my son only 8 would love to become a full time blogger has a YouTube channel
(I didn’t know about) and a website I set up for him....
but I’m short on the skills best needed to take to the next levels.... would love any additional support... following with interest...