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Last Update: January 13, 2016

As you may or may not know, guest blogging or posting is incredibly valuable for traffic generation.

I've managed to get a couple of guest posts on some famous blogs and every time it's proven to have boosted my traffic a little.

Typical results of a guest blog is doubling my traffic (if not more). I found this result so fascinating I even created a training here on WA:


But now I'm on the hunt for some guest bloggers to guest post on my blog!

Why would you do that? Here's why:

  • Get more exposure
  • Get more traffic
  • Double the promotion of your post
  • Half the effort

If anyone's interested to guest post, please reply here and we can discuss the topic.

Obviously the blogger should have a similar niche to mine which is why this post may only be relevant to some of you.

If you want to have a look at my blog and it's recent posts, here's my link:


Thanks for reading,


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    LLiu Premium
    Hi Esteban, nice to hear from you and as soon as my site is up This a great Way to boost one's traffic like you said.
    I will bookmark this and let you know!
    Thank you and happy 2016!
    Linda :)
    3ss1m4n Premium
    Hey Linda,
    I'll be waiting for your reply in that case :)
    Happy new year to you too !!
    boucherda Premium Plus
    What on earth is a "Guest Blogger"?
    Cevin Premium
    It means that Person A writes a blog on Person B´s website.
    3ss1m4n Premium
    Have a look at the training posted in the text. You can make a lot of progress through it :)
    JasonHeard Premium Plus
    I'm in Esteban
    Cevin Premium
    Hey, I´m very new to all this, but my site is also about creating passive income and I would love to write a guest blog on your site. You can check out what I have written so far:

    3ss1m4n Premium
    I left you a private message!
    Thanks for your reply