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Last Update: July 16, 2018

Well, slowly but surely, I'm working through the training about to finish level 2 training. I am enjoying the process and it is amazing to me how much I have learned inspite of myself, although, I have some frustrations like just now.........I tried to upload an image for this post from my file and it wouldn't take it? So, that's why there is no image--What can I say!! I've written 9 posts, my niche being natural super food nutrition.

In three months I plan to have enough posts completed on my website where I can enjoy first page ranking with Google, and hopefully begin receiving enough traffic to begin making some money. In six months, I plan on having a WA income of at least $1500 to $2000 a month. Don't know if that is realistic or not, but that's what I am shooting for!

Thanks for reading.


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chris927 Premium
I will quote you and refer folks to your site... my niche is growing hydroponic veggies at home to ensure that we know what is in and on our produce! GMO seeds, Round Up and mass production are killing the nutrition in our food...and eating it is killing us!
Fleeky Premium Plus
Well done!
raybrannum Premium
I am a great believer in good nutritional food, which is hard to find in today's world. Because of over fertilizing crops all our food is less nutritional than our forbearers. Even poultry and beef are fed substances to cause them to grow quicker to produce more income for the growers. I personally started taking supplements many years ago to help with the ageing process and energy.

II feel the current cancer epidemic has been caused by so many chemicals being placed in our bodies by the food supply and even the clothes we purchase new and wear without washing first. The toxins used to make the material soak through our skin an hurt out immune system.

i have browsed your web site and am impressed with the work you have put in it. With traffic and hard work I feel you will reach your financial goals. You may need to monetize it with supplement sales.

Glad to have a WA friend nearby. The internet is an amazing place to do business you can do business around the world. I have affiliates on my team as far away as Australia that sell supplements in the USA and UK.
3rdbaseman Premium
Thank you Ray. You and I are on the same page regarding how the human race is slowly destroying itself!! I've always believed in natural supplementation because unless you are living on a farm, or have access to fresh meats, etc, fresh veggies, and fruits, you are not getting good nutrition.....more like may be 40% of the intended nutrition nature created, because as much as 60% is lost in processing, and travel times in refrigerated trucks, and that's what 98% of the population eats.

I'm really glad to meet you and I hope we can work together on future endeavors. I will check out your info today and get back to you. Thanks again for giving me this opportunity...………

Terry .
raybrannum Premium
CBDbiocare is a young company that I feel is truly honest. They have grown so fast that their internet system is presently having to be upgraded. They have a lot of great affiliates on board. I have used CBD for anxiety and sleep and found it to be great. If you decide to join be sure and use this link CBDbiocare.com/raybrannum.

Post your URL on my FB page Truly Good Life might be a help to someone.

You have to forgive me sometimes, because I am a salesman.