Where is the Demon Bat Boy?

Last Update: November 10, 2020

Did anybody used to read the Weekly World News? A now defunct tabloid that featured outrageously unbelievable stories. They would publish anything and I don't know if anybody really believed any of their stories.

A pretty outrageous example but the point is that people could decide for themselves what to believe. Now only posts and tweets that adhere to the particular big tech platform are allowed and anything contrary to that will be delete and your account banned.

But hark! There are alternative social media that are free of censorship. Parler is one i joined yesterday. It's sort of like Twitter in it's interface. I haven't been able to spend any time there yet but I will try to find out if there are ways to market our affiliate offers there. Parler had 2.8 million members at last count but recently the membership numbers are growing like weeds. They appeal to the politically conservative and to libertarians so their demographic probably tends to be more affluent than the average Twitter user.

There is another one called Rumble that I haven't checked out yet but it's supposed to be like an alternative to YouTube. I saw another one metioned called MeWe. It's an un Zuckerberg Facebook like platform with a policy favoring privcy.

I just wanted to mention these things because maybe somebody here knows a lot more than I do about them and can enlighten us as to their marketing potential/

By the way I miss the Demon Bat Boy

One more. This is fun. I could do this all day

Remember boys and girls. If you see in on the internet it's got to be true

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natasha2020 Premium
Thanks for sharing. I did not know about any of them - Parler, Rumble and MeWe. Are they just for socializing or good for business?
zydegeaux Premium
I don'' know. I haven't spent any time on Parler. Rumble looks like a poor man's youtube and I haven't looked at MeWe. But it's always good to explore new options