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Last Update: November 14, 2020

I once heard Roy Orbison descibed as the world's only operatic rockabilly singer. He did have a unique voice like none other. A lot of singers are instantly recognizable as soon as you hear the first word they sing. Some singers sould like other singers.

I like Tom Petty's voice be he sounded pretty much like Roger McGuin. I have to admit that when I sing I try to imitate the vocal qualities of the original artist. Some things I just can't sing. Maybe I should buy a Singtrix. it was something i say pitched on Shark Tank. It was pitched as making bad singers good and good singers great. A lot of people have told me they like my voice but when i record myself singing I never like it.

And then there are the great speaking voices. if I could pick one person to give the eulegy at my funeral it would be James Earl Jones. The very gravitas of his voice would make me sound a lot greater than I really am.

My favorite speaking voice of all time would be John Facenda. His was the voice of the original NFL Films. He would make a football game sound like the Battle of Leningrad.

I wish I had a font that would do his voice justice. "On that bone chilling Sunday afternoon upon the Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field, 11 proud Packer warriors mounted a final do or die offensive against the Dallas Cowboys vaunted Doomsday Defense."

There are a lot of voices that I like. Michael Buffer with "Lets get ready to ruuuuummmblllle."

The guy who would introduce the starting lineup of the Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls was great.

NOTE TO SELF: Tie this into Wealthy Affiliate somehow.

Is verbal communication becoming a lost art? Even our phone calls to business are answered by robots that make us jump through a bunch of unwanted hoops before putting us on hold before we can actually talk to a human. Even then we are lucky if that human speaks understandable English.

We text and PM without talking to each other, There are even AI generated real looking social media influencers. So is verbal communication relevant to our businesses? Sadly I have to say no unless you do your own voice on videos.

Your thougts please.

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LesGreen Premium
One voice I always found entertaining was Casey Kasem and his American Top 40 show. I think that our own voices can be great to use. Some of the best voices from old time radio turned into excellent actors on TV. I was in radio plays for 2 years or so and also write 7 that aired in Vegas.

What you say is totally valid and true! thank you for writing it!

jfbmarketing Premium

Voices do have an appeal. My favourite was Howard Cosell; he made a boxing match look like some story, he made Ali famous, and he was also kicked out from the NFL; no one else was able to get a word in. Many others have that distinguished voice that makes you want to hear more and never shout it off.

zydegeaux Premium
Most people hated Cosell but I liked him. "Muhammed, you're old, you're fat. How do you expect to withstand the fistic assault of the younger George Foreman."

Or between rounds of a fight the fighter manager let loose a stream of profanity at his fighter, Cosell said, "What you just heard is an example of the saltiness of the pugilistic vernacular.

I don't like Dick Vitale anymore because he trashed LSU coach Will Wade for the same kind of things he condones with Rick Pitino but he did have a unique voice and lots of catch phrases