My first big step to new independent journey!

Last Update: June 01, 2015

Hola Premium!

I have to be honest that I have never even thought about making money on internet. I'm coming from small country Slovenia, where everyone is a bit weird about earing money on internet. If I want to present WA to my friends or explain them what I'm doing, they would say that is scam or impossible. So when you are grooving up with this kind of mentality, you have to fight with yourself to change some things. For most of you it's maybe normal, but for my part of world not much. BUT I was always different, because it’s who I’m!

It happened spontaneous when I read an article about making money on internet. True all scams I have read about, I found the best of all, great community of WA.I have spent lees then I week with WA and I know that this is a place where I want to be, place to start my independent journey! All written blogs, personal touch and positive energy, gave me an inspiration to trust and try WA. Each person has story and this is what it counts.

And what I like most is that I will learn something new and meet you guys. I’m really looking forward to work with you and being part of really strong community.

As I said I needed to change my mentality to start this new journey. Thank you all for support, I’m looking forward to grown with you together!

Let’s the journey begun NOW!

Your friend


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bsmith1222 Premium
Good job and in time you will be proof to your friends you can make money online.
Zlatan Premium
Thanks for nice works Smith. And yes I will be =)

Alpine15 Premium
all the very best with your independent journey with great support along the way
surecash Premium
You are wished the best. Internet earning is really and scammers are real, all you need is to shine your eyes and avoid shiny object syndrome
AlexEvans Premium
so true everyone does have a story,great words
Zlatan Premium
Thanks for like and have a great day! =)