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August 04, 2018
Dear WA members!I need to make a choice and - as we all know - making choices is difficult :) That's why I'd like to hear your opinions on the following matter:I am going to build a website which will be addressed mainly to the Polish audience. However, I decided to choose an English-ish/international-ish name for it (I have a good reason to do this).Having brainstormed many ideas with my wife, we eventually came up with two names which will (hopefully) invoke some connotations for Polish reade
September 20, 2017
Three days ago I published a blog here at WA. I wanted to share it on Google+. I copied the URL and pasted it on G+, as I had done many times before with the posts from my websites. I instantly got the message 'post shared' but nothing happened. I couldn't see the post on my G+ profile. I automatically repeated the whole process. Nothing.Since I had noticed before that on the G+ app on my mobile devices the shared posts sometimes appeared with a delay, I decided to wait. The next day I tried on
September 18, 2017
I can't say it came as a complete surprise to me, as I have been climbing the WA rankings for a while. The surprising aspect of me getting into the top 200 is that I honestly think I could have done better. I mean I did help a person or two, but there are members who are much better in helping others than I am. I promise I will do my best to live up to the title of 'awesome member'. Thank you WA.
American, Canadian, Australian etc.? In other words, how to write in English when English is not your native language? Before I answer this question, I'd like to briefly reflect on WHY you should write in English in the first place. Well, the first reason is that English is still by far the most popular language used on the Web (even though the trends have been changing recently). According to Wikipedia and other sources almost one billion people use English on the Internet. Chinese is close be
August 10, 2017
I have fallen in love with an editor. A very special one. I have fallen in love with... the WA Content Editor. I think it's about its simplicity. It's got everything I need to write a post and nothing more. No fancy features to distract me. Pure content.Let's take word count for example. When I write a page or a post for my website, I always want to know how long the text is. That way I can estimate where I have to be concise and on which topic I can elaborate a bit.In other editors I have to s
It is by no means easy to manage a thing that doesn't exist, is it? So, instead of trying to do the impossible, I'd like you to determine how much time you REALLY have.To do that, I recommend to you a simple but excellent Quiz prepared by one of our fellow members (Thank you, Eddy!) Please, do open the link, read the whole post and follow Eddy's instructions. Only then read on.Well? What's your score? Do you still claim you have no time? If you do, read my article, we'll try to do the impossib
Enough is enough. I joined WA four months ago and, unlike many fellow members, who are rapidly climbing the rankings and have quickly achieved amazing succes, I still don't have much to brag about ;-). At first everything was going smoothly, but then.... No, no, don't expect a long list of excuses or accusations. I am not going to blame anyone for anything. On the contrary: I still think WA is a great place to be. I've learned a lot here and met some great people, but I haven't really developed