Wordpress 3.8 (The King Of Blogging Platform Yet For You)

Last Update: December 12, 2013

The new version of Wordpress is led by Matt Mullenweg, the Founder himself, an about 175 other contributors.

Wordpress is really pushing their blogging platform forward although the whole world already knows that it can also be used for just about any site. What's in store for you by this new amazing update?

We got a taste of revision control last 3.7, the 2013 theme was great. But the 2014 theme will be a game changer for us. Here in Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle emphasizes building our niche website and turning it into authority blogs like Copyblogger, Mashable, The Next Web (some of my fav sites). The 2014 theme does just that and it is for free!

The design of the Wordpress dashboard have been redesigned in almost the same look to the Wordpress.com dashboard. Users can now choose the color scheme for the sidebar.

But the best thing is that they made it easier to use the dashboard with mobile devices. :)

Sure, there isn't much functionality updates because it was done in the 3.7+ updates. And now, we have the design update coming from 3.8.

Finally, the content is up to us. What can you cay about the new Wordpress 3.8??

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yessharon Premium
Wordpress has helped so .... many people create professional websites. I am very thankful that it exists.
zenincome Premium
It absolutely has, if not for Wordpress. Building just a simple blog, that is so customizable, would still be a little pain in the ass to millions.

But we have a lot of work to do, there's still so many people who are not aware of it.