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Hi folks, I can't believe this year is finally coming to an end. I have not been ignoring you but pretty busy chasing my deadlines in order to meet set goals. I'm sharing this beautiful quote just to encourage someone. Also, to take this opportunity to wish you ALL a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2019, a year of continously working online!
Did you know that people who are grateful live longer? According to scientific research on ‘how to live long life, '’ there is a strong association between gratitude and an individual's well-being.To be more specific, Robert Emmons conducted a research focused on the subject of gratitude “wanting what we have.” His research findings showed that ''people who regularly practice grateful thinking can increase their “set-point” for happiness by as much as 25 per
A fitness boot camp is a type of group exercise class that uses a combination of body weight exercises mixed with fitness training. Fitness boot camps are conducted outdoors and at times in gyms, by personal trainers and by former military personnel. Such programmes are designed in a way to push participants beyond their comfort zones, more or less similar to a military boot camp. A Fitness Boot Camp programme is so practical and designed to achieve specific set-targets. Also, to be accomplis
Its an undeniable fact that here at Wealthy Affiliate we are so lucky to have access to some of the most advanced tools in the world. Sitecontent is one of the tools I value so much. We all can use it at any time for writing our beautiful content crucial for our business success.How important is sitecontent for you? How important sitecontent tool is depends on you. As for me, I can't do without this tool. Knowing that CONTENT plays a centre stage in my internet business opened my eyes. Content
Business Life Cycle Versus Plant Life CycleThe way I see the growth of my Internet business is similar to the way I understand a plant life cycle. Let’s take an apple tree for example. The apple trees analogue perfectly resembles an internet business. In as much as I may want to eat the apples today, I have no choice but to wait patiently until the growth life cycle is complete. So, having PATIENCE is key. Meanwhile, I need to do all it takes to make sure the seed I have planted grows.
Flyers I have created on Canva platform:)Did you know you can make beautiful flyers with Canvas for FREE?At Canvas you have access to hundreds of professionally designed templates which you can tweak and customize to suit your website niche. What Else Can I Find At Canva?Ready-made flyers for any purpose e.g. Ads.A library with hundreds of fonts to choose from to make your message stand out.Professionally-shot stock photos and images. After creatting your flyer you can share your design via
Have you ever wondered why internet businesses fail? Surely, they can't just flop for no reason.There must be at least 1 main reason why a lot of them end up folding up. Here Is What People Often SayLack of a business backround or some form of training in internet marketingLack of self-discipline - Doing work when you feel like.Not having set goals to guide you - no visionHaving I want to get rich quick attitude - lack of patienceDiscouragement - after being ripped off by scams Midlife crisisAl
July 25, 2018
When we believe in ourselves we can go far. Giving up is not an option but working hard continously until we hold something tangible in our hands. Hard-work pays off in the end.Just sharing to encourage someone. Hopefully, you had a good day:)
Is your website sending the right messages? This is something I have been working on lately. I was one of the people with websites crammed with ads and banners that are not even related to my niche. Can you imagine a website with a farming niche placing ads for Nike trainers? Let me set the record straight, it’s just an example - I'm not impliying this was on my website 😊Along our journies of making money online, some of us may have come across similar websites. Arguably, the webs
I have just gone through ALL the feedback I received for my websites from fellow colleagues here at Wealthy Affiliate since the time I started. The realisation that I have come this far due to unwavering support from community members is just overwhelming. When I joined Wealthy Affiliate, the entire world of internet business and building websites was completely new to me. I didn't find the concept of ‘Giving Back to Community’ enticing at all. I thought the whole business of provi