Update On Second Month Of Super Affiliate Challenge

Last Update: June 05, 2019

I have spent most of my time updating last months 12 articles. I added images as well to all of them. I did write one new one yesterday and updated it and added images today. Plan on writing another tonight.

I tried using the site content template for this last one, but had all kinds of difficulty with it. I accidently published it before I was finished. I went back to finish it and was able to do so, but then I could not update it. There was a publish button, but when I tried to click on it , it would not do anything, so I had a terrible time figuring out how to add what I just wrote to what was already written. I did it by copying and pasting a lot and getting it done that way. It took for ever.

If there is anyone that can tell me what to do if that ever happens again. It was so hard and very time consuming to do it the way that I did it.

Anyway, I did look up some keywords on Jaaxy, and made titles from these and then tried to break it down for me to use when I write my content, but I am still having problems with this. I have trouble breaking it down into topics and then going back to write the article. Once I get started, I tend to just let it flow along and not break it down into topics. I make paragraphs, but not the topics. I still have to work on this and come up with more keywords.

I already had the site speed extreme and the site SSL done. I have been adding affiliate links for a while now, so continue doing this.

I am continuing to move along.

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi, Sandra looks like you are making good progress it can be a step by step work in progress for us all, so keep going.

If you want to edit a website post that has been published, then you'll need to log into your Wordpress site (Websites, the left-hand menu of your WA home page > Site Manager > Log In to the site you want > Login Now).

Once you're in Wordpress (it will open in a different tab),
- click on Posts
- All Posts on the menu to the left.
- You'll see a list of your posts.
- Hover over the one you want to edit and you'll see an edit option appear, under the title. Click that.
- The post will come up in the editor, make your edits.
- Click update and you are good to go.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes as you move forward.
zcfpbaby Premium
Thanks. What happened, tho, is that when I went back to the place in the template where I had started, it let me continue to write and finish the article, but then I could not get the rest of it to publish or transfer to my original part. So, I went piece by piece and copied and pasted it, which was not easy. Do you know what I did wrong when I added to the original part or what to do after that. There still was a publish thing but when I clicked on it nothing happened. I certainly will try not to do that again.
Again thanks. Sandy