The End Of Month One And My Progress

Last Update: May 20, 2019

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Well, the first month is just about over. I am having some difficulties with communicating on the chat line and helping others, but I will continue to work on this. I, also, have not written a weekly blog. This I will try to do next month to improve my communication with WA.

I have written the 12 content blogs with 1000-1200 words in them. Sometimes I have difficulting expounding, but will continue to work on this, too. I do have to refine some of them which I will do. I need to add images to many of them. I did update and refine my review blog on WA. I did not make the 1500 words, but will continue to work on this.

I did get my Logo done and Gravatar I had done previously. I am still struggling with the basics of the computer and the program, but will continue to work on this, too.

It sounds like I am not as far along as many of the others, but I am proud with what I have done. I will continue to try as I do want to succeed with this.

Thanks to Kyle and Carson for having faith enough in me to include me in this challenge.

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Just keep plugging away, I certainly struggle at times.

Wow! It's sounds like you have accomplished alot. It is always a learning process and we can always improve. I look forward to seeing you progress.

Thank You.

Congratulations and well done first month completed. YAY

You should be proud of what you have done because you did it.

You are building your business and that is great

Here's to the next month of the challenge and making it happen.

Have a great week


Thank you

You are most welcome

All the very best success here at Wealthy Affiliate

Have a great day


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