A Walk Down Memory Lane.

Last Update: July 22, 2015

Well, I thought I'd take a walk down memory lane tonight and look at my progress with WA over the past 3 months. It's been a great journey and I've learnt so many things along the way! It's a journey that I'm just starting to begin but my creativity is thriving - I'm already thinking up ideas for other sites - in fact, it's constantly distracting me! I originally started with two sites but one site had to be put on the back burner for a bit as I really couldn't deal with updating two sites at the same time but now, looking back, I'd rather have one decent site than two average ones. Don't get me wrong, there have been plenty of times I've put the laptop away for a couple of days as I'd decided to give it all up but I've always come back to it!

I've had a few knock backs during these 3 months - illness, a toddler that won't sleep through the night, laptop problems for about 3 weeks and mainly just finding the time to spend on the site each day... but I have to say my biggest problem has been perfectionism! I can't just leave something and move on... it plays on my mind, it annoys me until it's corrected!! I've had to make myself leave some bits but I intend to return to them and try to master line spacing and changing font sizes in widgets!! I've found great sources for photos, I've not really suffered from bloggers block yet and I have to say I'm absolutely loving the new comments section!!! I've learnt a thing or two from reading other people's sites.

Some people would wonder what I'm playing around at as I'm sure the course probably isn't supposed to take months and months - I've just finished course 3 lesson 9 so I still have a long way to go - but I wanted to ensure I understood what I'd learnt and to be able to put it in to practice before moving on. This is mad but when I reached course 3, lesson 1, I started again from the beginning?! I had forgotten bits so I'm glad I did it but unfortunately, I had to go silent and turn off all the WA notifications other than training as I just haven't got enough hours to read through, comment or like, clear my inbox and then start work. The constant amount of communication and information you get is so overwhelming!

I've revised each page and have a list of things to do on each i.e. get some comments, add affiliate links, add questions on here, find plug ins before I start applying for more affiliate programmes and writing reviews but I hope that my original estimation of 6 months to get the back bone of site 1 in place was realistic and if I've made my first £1 or $1 by then, then I'll be happy - if it pays for my WA and Jaaxy subscription I will be over the moon!

Don't give up!

Sammi x

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SStarrs Premium
Hi Sammi . Looked at your website .
It has so much information on it .
Really easy to read . Liked the theme photo it was so welcoming.
Good luck with your website.
solidbase Premium
Hey Sammi,
I can fully relate to your situation.
As a full time stay at home pensioner I thought it would be a breeze to get the hang of this "internet thingy", but I was sadly mistaken. :(
OK, I do spend a lot of time every day as a caregiver and doing housework, but even so, I am sure I still have more time to work on my business than a lot of other people who seem to be light years ahead of me.
So, I have started to question my own abilities and skill level, BUT luckily I have not decided to chuck it all in.
For some of us it will take a bit longer than for others but I am ful of confidence that in the end we will also reach the summit of this long and hard road.
Let's all take hands and walk this journey together.
Keep the faith.
pixy Premium
I have a hard time understanding it all too, sometimes I just feel so dumb when I'm having trouble with the small things that everyone else just seems to get, but then I realise I'm smarter than I was yesterday and that must be progress haha. Good luck to all of you I have enjoyed reading this blog and comments
TonyDunne Premium
Good work Sammi, keep at it. You're clearly an intelligent person so you'll find what works for you ✌
rosieM Premium
You've accomplished a lot and are already working towards even more and greater things! Congratulations!
mackiejw Premium
Excuse me, but what is "Memory"? I am getting a bit old, I guess :-)