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January 25, 2017
HOW TO REACH AROUND THE WORLDSo a few days ago, we had a discussion on how to get more people to my website. So we made a blog post and shared it across our social media and in one day we reached almost 300 people world wide. We hit every continent and 32 countries...... IN ONE DAY!!So exciting!! And that was day 15!Us, a lonely grain of sand, made it across every beach in the world, in a day.... pretty cool :) We used a few tips and tricks from fellow bloggers to increase our traffic to our
January 21, 2017
Really excited to see where this journey takes us.We are learning alot of cool stuff. E&M
January 15, 2017
Hurray!!! Got a new badge, and some awesome training thanks to Wealthy Affiliates. Keep it up! Thanks!! Got an awesome start to our online empire. We have tons of traffic coming through not only our website, but also our WA links. So very exciting. Have a couple of leads for new recruits, hopefully once their trial is done we make some $$$... We can also see that our other affiliate links have clicks on them, and again waiting patiently for that first sale.We know it will happen, and when it do
So, We're all here doing the same thing. Creating a online business and as we all know, in order to do so we need to create a website. This experience has been a roller coaster of a learning experience for us (we're a two person team, Melissa is faster at typing and really nerdy so typically I get dictated to and I make it sound awesome) We have learned each other's strengths and weaknesses with technology, where a month ago, we had NO IDEA!Etienne didn't know that I know coding, and I was hopi
January 06, 2017
Yay new badge. Baby steps happening, but at least something is happening. Super excited for this journey, cannot wait until these baby steps turn into leaps and bounds!
January 02, 2017
Hello everyone. I would love to invite you to check out my website. Please follow me to check it out. Edit: Jan 15, 2017--> The WHOLE website has changed since this post... We re-invite everyone to check it out... again. :)Thanks. M&E