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Last Update: January 25, 2017


So a few days ago, we had a discussion on how to get more people to my website. So we made a blog post and shared it across our social media and in one day we reached almost 300 people world wide. We hit every continent and 32 countries...... IN ONE DAY!!

So exciting!! And that was day 15!

Us, a lonely grain of sand, made it across every beach in the world, in a day.... pretty cool :)

We used a few tips and tricks from fellow bloggers to increase our traffic to our website and learned that social engagement is huge on increasing traffic. Not only engagement, but networking. As bloggers, it's important to network, not only through venues like Facebook and Twitter, but also with fellow bloggers on their websites.

In the blogging community it's kind of an unspoken "rule" to leave a comment behind when you read someone's blog. When you do this, it extends your web to their site, hence, a website.. haha..... Googlebot likes this. The more active Google sees your website, the higher you will show in rankings... or at least from what I understand. If I'm wrong let me know below.

Mission Time
So, we have a mission for you if you're reading this.

Here is a screenshot from our google analytics showing on January 15, 2017, our 15th day of operating this website, we got almost 300 people come to our website.

If we can get almost 300 people visiting our site, then we can get 3,000. But how do we do it, and how do we show our lovely readers??

That got us thinking. We need engagement! We can SEE people from every country visiting us, but, how do we get them engaged? How do we show the world that the other side of the world saw the same thing they did?

We need your help with this. We want you to comment below, then share our page (this post) on to your social medias. And feel free to add us to yours we will add you back, or if you have a website, we would love to come check it out.

In a week we will post an update to let you know how far this post went. And we encourage you to check back on this post. We will automatically email you the update, when you subscribe to our newsletter.

Email Launch
In addition to this. We felt like this was a great time to launch our email subscription list. We will send you our latest blogs, random facts that we found out during the week. Maybe Etienne made and amazing meal and we want to share the recipe with you. Maybe Melissa has some book recommendations for you. You never know. We like to keep it exciting. So we invite you to sign up to our email and be the first to receive our newsletter.

We have learned from Wealthy Affiliates and other bloggers that having a newsletter is a really great tool to help you engage with your followers on a somewhat more personal level. With our newsletter we also invite you to write us back. Let us know what you thought of it. Even on our website or anything. WE LOVE FEEDBACK!!

Thank you so much for your support and we cannot wait to see how far this post makes it.

Please add us to your social medias and share this post. Let see how far this post will reach.

Below you can find us at :




Please add us and will add you

Let grow Together ;

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Temujin1 Premium
Yahooooo! Great job!
ldelgarias Premium
Wow, well done! It's great you can put so much time and effort on your engagements so that you can rank better. Way to go!
Yorktonguy Premium
thank you so much please continue to follow us
ldelgarias Premium
Will do for sure!
kasage00 Premium
well done!
Yorktonguy Premium
Thank you
Sharkbyte Premium
Well done! That is very impressive, to have had such a far reach. It goes to show that the concentration, effort and creativity that you are pourng in are all adding up!


Yorktonguy Premium
yah its pretty amazing how big the internet is the reach that you can get off of sharing your blogs.