​Is This For Real, Is it an Illusion?

Last Update: Oct 4, 2014


One of the businesses I saw a market for was how to take something and turn it in to a type of time capsule you could pick it up and view it almost like a 3-D object. What if I could entomb it for a lasting treasure like a baby’s first shoe rattle in a type of animated suspension effect? Well I haven’t done that baby’s first shoe “Yet” but I think after being here on WA a week yesterday I’m ready to put my theory together as messy as it will be.

We work with two products that help us to do this and I’m praying this concept will be a huge money making Internet Marketing business in due time. About a year ago my father had a person he knew in a nursing home he asked me to make her something nice. So I made this silk floral piece added this little sparrow bird had it perched in the floral arrangement peeking out through the leaves as he walked through the door she sat up and asked him if it was real and I don’t think you can have real birds in here lol.

He said but it’s not real it’s just an illusion my daughter just made it. Not long after I made that piece she had gone home to be with the Lord, so he came back to me and said can you make me something nice for the family. That was the very first time we ever had made a forever memorial flower keepsakes. He picked it up the day of the service went on out there he said they sat this floor basket in front of her casket and people kept touching it to see if it was real or an illusion? He later told me it was breath taking and it was the best looking arrangement there? A year later her husband died and he requested another arrangement. A longtime friend of our lives in North Caroline his wife died in 1995 he wanted to put something out on her grave. I said I got this I’ll mail it to you. I put it in box put a few holes in the box (illusion effects) he got the box in the mail said I couldn’t tell if it was real or fake you really blew me away. But he didn’t tell me what her favorite color was and all the years we knew her I never bothered to ask either. All I did is asked God; do you know what kind of flowers she might like help me out? Within minutes I was off to the store in under an hour it was done. My first memorial cross was shipped from TX to North Carolina.

We don’t use cheap artificial flowers we search high and low for companies who sell the very best in quality silks that appear so real to the naked eye(I love to keep them guessing) Then I had another inspiration we started making memorial crosses and shipping them everywhere in the mail. One reason why and innovated is the fresh cut flower businesses in the city or online network can’t re-create a. But you can’t do that with my product its not found in any book because I make it up as I go. I have a pile of silks, leaves and such sit there asking God what HE wanted it to look like? Then I have a finished product even I can’t tell if it’s real or fake. I would love to find out as a full member with WA how to build a working Internet Marketing store while placing those online fresh cut floral places like ProFlowers.com as affiliates to earn me money to help finance my websites and generate a excellent profitable income.

Is it real? No it’s an Illusion of the real kind. My sister bought me this expensive live floral from the hospital that thing dried all up and died in a few days. The thought occurred to me what if I could re-design the original Get Well Floral vase? So my husband told me that we need to go look at some flowers and he re-created it and I still have it to this day. All I do is use a can of dust off and people still think it’s real that was over 5 years ago. It’s not real but it sure looks real water isn’t real either but from a distance it sure looks real. People always say we should give people their flowers while they are still living. So I made my own mother a floral piece for her birthday 2 years ago. I told her mom since you can’t remember if you gave a plant water today I got just want you need. I went to the van brought it in and said happy birthday. She told me I shouldn’t have paid all that money on those “real flowers” I should have kept my money. I told her but Mother I made this myself. I set it on the dining room table and it took her a good week before she figured out they weren’t REAL and really didn’t EVER need any daily watering and NEVER dies. She still has that piece in her dining room LOL!

Is it REAL or an ILLUSION……you decide?

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ok thanks all reads worth it. We actually typed if off line it was in marked off sections. I guess when copy paste here you have to re-section.There are just so many thing to read I find interesting on WA but I'm in college so is my mom we save the links read on the weekend.

Sounds like a great idea! One tip tho.... break your text up, people find reading big blocks of text very difficult, which is probably why you got no comments on this blog post. Just saying.

Interesting and unique subject matter none the less.



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