Dogs & Cats that Misbehave

Last Update: October 29, 2014

Don't get mad at them teach them you're the BOSS/MASTER no matter what.My cat will slip out the door as a low laying pedator every time somebody opens a door.And our lab barks every time we leave he destroys stuff.He has his own litter box stay out the small dog's box.One blast of the can he's on is way.Stay off my dining table or off my furniture and using everything as his personal scratching post because he has plenty on the floor pads we got him they do the same job perfectly fine.

Sometimes they just need products to help them.Our Lab hates any kind of lightening and thundering, fireworks.He'd freak if on a walk and a car back fired.So we bought him a Thunder T-Shirt.It helps with some agression and separation issues as well.Then we added a Calming Collar to him and all the pets in the house.Mainly because the scent of lavender stays with them longer than a blast of spray.

You can also add a diffuser to plug up near then but not directly in their face it works on some pets so you will just have to experiment.The can of Stop That! or Quit It or a variety of Pet Corrector when out walking is simply great.After a few uses some pets will see the can and automatically stop that misbehaving action.

Our dog don't like any small animals we took him to the vet he laid his behind down on that floor dogs of all sizes even people passed him he didn't even bark or try to go after the other animals.We took him to Petco now there is the utimate test our Lab didn't even bark or try to attack these two tiny dogs they walked right in front of him.

If your dog is still stubborn you have some options of shock collars, no barking or vibration even 4 in 1 type collars for those who like to dig or steal human food off tables counters etc.For outside fence climbers try the flag barriers set up boundaries the closer they get the stronger the correction.(warning depending on product batteries die quick).

Our Lab is a adult dog he is 6 years and 7 months and going to dog training school because he has to learn he can't chew up things or destroy things that belong to him or not. This dog seems to defy any and all sorts of training and correction but Nov 1 he's about to find out all his unruly actions WILL BE DEALT WITH

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Michelle04 Premium
Funny post. So, what do you do with a cat that meows constantly? I mean, MEOWS unless something is in his mouth, and then he still tries to get a meow out. It's crazy! :) Michelle
yayadee1044 Premium
You can buy a Calming Collar at Petco the box says that it calms them and they also have some calming spray made by Sentry and a diffuser for Cats. Its suppose to get them to stop their unwanted behavior like scratching on your furniture, marking their terriorty and using the bathroom where ever.They also sell calming pills for cats.

I do know if you don't scoop out their litter boxes at least twice a day they will find a place that smells nicer than that smelly box.We use that new 7-Day Armer Hammer product Clump & Seal where like on TV it shows company can't smell it. It Works!!! But like I said if you fail to change out the litter 2X's a day regardless how many cats you have there won't be enough of the dry litter to help it clump and turn like a stone you just scoop and toss.I actually mix my litter with the big yellow box of Armer Hammer double action for urine and feces odor then two cups of the Clump & Seal mix it in and it seems to work just fine,

I saw on Amazon App they were offering a FREE Dog Whistle but there are more if you just go to the browser and enter free dog whistle.Yeah my cat will follow you around the house and try to trip you until you fill his dish.So I bought him his own self feeder food dish as he eats more fills the tray that way he leaves me alone and he has his own self feeder water bowl and so do my tiny dog .He's litter box trained because he don't like to get his precious feet wet (lol)
Michelle04 Premium
Thank you so much for all the advice! I believe we'll be making a special trip to Petco to try out a calming collar. You're a life saver. Thanks again! Michelle
yayadee1044 Premium
you're welcome, I think they sell a thunder t-shirt for a cat too it deals with separation and anixety issues as well.I'm trying to figure out how to add these stupid links but I'm time constained until I'm done with school.WA is a full days online and I just don't have the time we want to be devoted with all our niches until after we both graduate.

Anytime, glad we gave you some help.DO do also have a entire grooming service clip nails for $10 *here anyway :) just take a visit and sell pet outfits soooooooo cute just don't try it on a cat they have a complex about being dressed up.