A Rough Journey

Last Update: September 27, 2014

Hi All,

I want to thank everyone for saying welcome and the warmth of WA it’s truly hard trying to find a place where you know live people really do take the sincere and honest time to reply to your concerns or even question. When they say ask anything they really mean it. I like it’s really free to start and learn the ropes I been trying to take it all in and not miss any steps.

If it said watch this video I stopped reading clicked on the video watched it then returned to the video I was listening too trying to multitask that’s a laugh because I can’t even master texting on the cell phone let alone try to carry on a conversation with you at the same time or watch TV.

I’m sorry I can’t just dive in there heavy like I want as two of my college MBA classes end at 1159p CST tomorrow and it’s my oldest daughter’s 32nd birthday I got a busy weekend and needless to say three more project papers to write. The good news is I did have four to write but knew if I turned in one early he would grade it like he always did and I was right he graded it and gave me a 75/75 100% A so now out of 14 grades possible I have 12 of 14 A’s with 2 more for him to post phew! Right now I ‘m sleep deprived trying to stay up and write papers not that I don’t balance my time already but I’m juggling four classes and it doesn’t help when you have fibromyalgia the most awful pain in the world and no cure.

In 2000 May I had my first stroke it was really bad I had to learn how to speak and walk all over again and I had a very success business. I was blessed I had some good people that could oversee everything until I could get back on my feet again wow it took me until Mid-August. I had to push myself to recover because I had two crusades to do in September and I was finally getting ordained in the ministry I wasn’t about to miss that. Well that went off without a hitch I had my chance to walk across the platform and shook my pastor’s hand Sept 20, 2000 with Pastor Rod Parsley. Adversity comes in all types of packages but when you have the tenacity to take that bull by the horns and preserve you can succeed at anything.

I know there is so much to learn and I’m thankful WA don’t rush people through they merely walk you through the steps and offer lots of meaningful advice. I went to this other site and honestly in two days I don’t have one follower but in one day at WA I have almost a dozen hummmm I wonder how many I will have by the time I wake up Sunday lol? I go to sleep I wake up thinking about the 9 ½ acres of land God showed me and its expensive not to mention I hardly have the scores or the cash to put down. But I’m going to achieve owning it hopefully next year.



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yayadee1044 Premium
Hi WA Community our break time is over although we might both be a little inactive here and there because school is back in session and got to re-focus some of this time and energy into keeping our grades up for our MBA degrees.Because we're going to need WA after graduation to pay our student loans off in half the time they say.How many know that just because they say you have ten years to repay that debt you do know the finance charges on them is no joke.So we promise we're not leaving we're still here reading and learning throughout the community.Mom has her last 2 starting Monday but the classroom opened at midnight and I'll be on my last 5 weeks(Nov 9)
lisa970 Premium
Dee,you keep your faith and every thing will work it out the way GOD intended,but i don't have to tell you that seem like you know it already.I'm amazed at what you have accomplish,someone to look up to and follow.Good luck on your journey.Be blessed
yayadee1044 Premium
Good Morning Lisa,
Thank you for your comment yeah God is always with me and I have a wonderful communication with daily, I sing to Him and I just love the time I spend with Him. I'm up early plus I wanted to get those papers out of way.I love coming to WA I pop in and out of here reading and seeing what everyone is doing that;s for the follow Have a Blessed day and week.