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Last Update: March 28, 2016

Hello everyone, there are times in life that a person sits back and thinks "Is it ever possible to get any further than where they are now?" At times life can kick you so hard that sometimes you think that it might just be better to stay down and stay there.

Now life for myself and my wife has never been easy, it seems nothing ever falls into place or works out for the better. Ours is a life of fight for every inch and fight to keep it when you have it. It seems that it is the same in business as in life. Or some might say they are all the same.

I find that to proceed when you feel everything is never looking like it is going to get better or ever look up again, is when a person defines their character. It is a moment in time when you either give up and turn around or take that hit and move forward, to become stronger to be more determined, then ever before to get what you want. To know that the junk life has dealt you isn't going to keep you from the better things in life!

Everyone has this opportunity here, this community I have found is one of the most positive and one of the most helpful I have ever found! Now this past weekend my wife and I had a loss to our family that we can never replace, a loss that will always have us feeling empty. But it is something that shows to us every day that things so precious are never here for ever.

This community that Kyle and Carson have built, this is an opportunity for all of us to build upon ourselves, so that when times get tough and those terrible life moments whether it be in business or otherwise come to test you, you can stand back up and continue to walk forward! I wish this to all of you, that even in the toughest of times here while creating your business, when things seem that you won't succeed to take some time, take a moment to remember that you are strong, that everyone is here to help. This community was built upon the idea that people together can create something for everyone to succeed.

My best to you all, and may success and life's happiness follow you where ever it is you go! Take care, and may your businesses flourish through your hard work!

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JudeP Premium
Sorry for your loss and all the best to you as you push forward :)