I've Finally Upgraded

Last Update: October 10, 2019

Hello everyone this is my first blog here at WA and I'm still in the Online Entrepreneur Certification course right now by the way.

If I'd started immediately I'd be making progress by I haven't cause of unwanted problems poping up in my life but after three months of joining I've finally upgraded to premium... It's not that I did'nt wanted to upgrade it was just because I did'nt have any internet or light at home and I did'nt want to waste my first month bonus..Also, I was in a difficult situation involving money and such...

Was joining upgrading something I wanted? Yes for some time now and I've finally done it.

Is it something you should do? Well that's something you'll have to answer for yourself.

Is it good? It has alot of pearks and benefits over the Starter pack and I still don't know all it has to offer...

Do I recommend it? Yes infact all members here should go to premium...

Why you asked? Cause you'll be able to do more that what the stater pack allow you to.

What I currently do and how I got here

I'm currently working as an intern in the field of accounts at ODPEM on halings road. I've being working there for five mouths and two weeks now and it was said I'll be there for six mouths. After being there I ran into WA through VitaliyG blog, I was trying to find out a cheaper alternative for Dan Lok closer certificate program so I can learn how to close prospect so I can make money and that's when it happens..I ran into VitaliyG review of Dan Lok's closer program and it leads me to WA. Back then I was trying to find out how I can make extra dollars online. And to get that I was all over the place trying out Forex even writing down notes and doing alot of research. I even thought of trying penny stocks when I ran into Timothy Sykes and his website Profit.ly... But all of those websites were really expensive and out of my reach. And to be honest I've being on here longer than I was on those other programs.

When I think about it I was hoping I could generate money online before I leave my current job and be sitting home doing nothing. But if you don't take action it won't happen. That's what came to mind every day when I came on here and for the longest time I couldn't wait to get started.

When ever I see those famous YouTubers driving their fancy and expensive cars and sitting in there luxurious houses I always say I wish that was me but it's all attainable if you just believe in yourself, hone your skills, and keep trying

I've had dreams, plans and goals that I want to achieve. I'm sure you have yours too! So after reading my post I hope you don't make any excuses why you can't be successful and make your dreams a reality. Times are hard and it's only getting harder and if you don't make your well-planned blueprint for your life and take massive actions to achieve it. Stop following the Masses and follow those before you who've already done it and made it. Remember to be consistently consistent commitment and believe in yourself is the secret to success. All my best to your success!



PS. Did I say I've already created my first website. In fact I've created two of them.I'll update you on it after I've made my first sale.

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klchang Premium
Welcome, Anthony, to Wealthy Affiliate.
You have come to the right platform to learn how to build an online business. You should have gone through some of the lessons. Why not continue with the rest, when you are ready? You have the right attitude and this is great. Keep your dreams alive and work towards it. All the best and have a wonderful time here. BTW, you are doing great too.
Xx-kookie-xX Premium
Thanks for the support..At times I lost motivation and I feel like giving up but I keep pushing forward to my goals anyway...I'll be going through the other lessons as well until I've finish them all...And then I might go through them again
cld111 Premium
Great job getting started and taking action. I think you made a great choice coming to WA. Yes, I'm a little biased, but Dan Lok's course is for closing big-ticket sales like real estate and such, I believe.

It sounds like it maybe wasn't the right pick for you, and it's expensive too!

VitaliyG is good people and super helpful to all of us here. :)

I wish you lots of success with your blog!

- Christina
Xx-kookie-xX Premium
Thanks..Dan Lok courses where really expensive like all other courses but WA was the first course I ever encounter that was different. Regrading the price to join. And as far as I can see it's really impacting peoples live in a good way. If it wasn't for VitaliyG I wouldn't be here. I'd be looking all over the internet and still didn't find a solution to my madness lol
cld111 Premium
I hear you! I think we've all been there. This is a seriously great place. I think you'll love it!

- Christina