What we take and don't take for granted.

Last Update: May 10, 2018

One of the many things that we deal with on a daily basis and often take for granted is our safety. We take it for granted that:

  • There will not be any traffic issues getting to work.
  • Our children will be safe at school.
  • My car is running just fine.
  • We will not have any problems today.

Well it's not as easy as that and we cannot foresee what will happen to us, or our children at any given point of our lives. Which takes me to the next point, when we are secure and protected does that change how we perceive our day, or our performance at work. Of course, it does, we work with goals in mind, everything flows really well and things look great without any incidents to negate the day.

We move on. Keep on moving as movement begets activity, and things in motion will remain so, until it's time to go home, turn off the computer, and enjoy our children and grandchildren. Many times the simplest things that we take for granted are the most valuable and irreplaceable.

Take time to hug your loved ones, embrace your wife, husband, or significant other and simply say to them how you feel, and how things will be alright, and before you know it, all is safe.

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Steven-A Premium
good thoughts written well
Trujunco Premium
Well spoken, Xavier...thank you for this thought.

As I started my day I made sure my thoughts were shared with my wife of 26 years. Today is a celebration of that commitment and I reminded her that she was my foundation to so many memorable and heartwarming memories. We share 5 wonderful children and 6 very active grandchildren.

There is nothing more valuable than to surround yourself with others by loving loyally. I know you to share this belief<Xavier, and I am smiling in knowing your reward. May you always remain strong in your commitment and role as Head of your family

Respectfully, David
RAFStuart Premium
Agree with the comment below, we can take time for granted and as a result not achieve our aims or targets for the day.
ThaboN Premium
Hi Xavier,
I think one of the things we take for granted is time. We can't take it back of course, yet we somehow think there will be enough of it so we need not interrupt what we're doing to attend to someone else's concern.

Then what happens? While maybe years later you wished you had given your child one more hug, your spouse one more embrace or one more word of comfort. You play in your mind all the things you should have done but figured you had all the time in the world to do--but you didn't.

None of these things have happened to me, but unfortunately I know people that it has happened to. Yes, indeed, Xavier, many times the simplest things that we take for granted are valuable and irreplaceable--well said.

XavierPerez1 Premium
Thank you Thabo. Spending as much quality time s they call it these days is something that is not often heard of due to both parents working 2 sometimes 3 jobs just to make ends meet. Well, I guess I will not be getting rich, but that's ok, I have my family. Thank you Thabo.
ThaboN Premium
You're most welcome, Xavier.

ElaineSmith1 Premium
I thing I enjoy most about working from home is the fact that I am able to be here when my granddaughter gets home from school. Can't be with her when she is in school but I here when she gets home!!!

Tried and True

XavierPerez1 Premium
Yep, I thought that parenting was over when my kids grew up and out of our home. Then came the grand children and this is a whole new ball game. Absolutely love the time with these happy lives. Thanks Elaine.