Weekend studies

Last Update: September 08, 2018

Learnt new tricks today.

To see which pages are indexed by Google;

Go to Google.com and search site:[type your domain name]

Google will list all the pages available in index for that domain.

I can use this to check my domain or other sites domain.

To check for a keyword's true competition number;

Go to Google.com use the quoted search technique.

Basically just add hyphens before and after the keyword.

Example, search for "i need money today but i'm unemployed"

Oh! I found 610 results. That means if I choose to write about this, I will need to fight with 610 other sites.

Looking around for new keywords;

While searching in Google, try use space or key in single letter after the space with a,b,c,d to get different keyword ideas.

There are people who use Google with voice search

So the keyword should sound like someone speaking a full phrase. Example "what is the best time to sleep for a 11 year old" .

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Thanks for the tips.
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Great tips Wong!
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Thank you.