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Last Update: September 18, 2018

hello everyone.. I just have some burning questions.. I not sure if I can get these answers in the training. Been watching a lot of training lately when I have all these questions.. Maybe I missed it somewhere

1. I have tried defy the 1000 words minimum per post and got notified by Google bot that my post is insufficient text for it to determine what it is about. So it is proven on the min 1000words rule.

Why some post from some website can rank well in SERP without much text? It can be one sentence post. Or it can be one small paragraph.

But they have some user engagement. Does that mean even with less content, lots of comments can help it rank to the top? Or do the website owner did some magic?

2. Updating old blog post with more text and content, does it improve my old blog post ranking? Or better just make a new post?

3. What do you do with old post that has less views and not ranking well. Do you leave it behind and rot or you have add more content and beautify it time to time?

4. Better to create new post topic and try to rank it than improving or perfecting old post?

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Bibian2 Premium
Do You know that your theme can affect your SEO, try and make research on themes that's optimized for SEO.
I recommend Hueman theme it's nice.
wwkit626 Premium
I didn't know . is my theme choice OK? Hiero
Bibian2 Premium
Hiero is nice, I know few friends that uses it. What's your site domain name?
Bibian2 Premium
That's a nice blog, I believe it will get indexed soon.