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December 25, 2014
Merry Christmas everyone!! We had a blast celebrating Jesus' birthday today. I absolutely love Christmas and spending time with family.
October 31, 2014
If you don't know anything about me, I am a red-headed brown-eyed girl who grew up in Japan. I have had arthritis since birth in multiple joints and am extremely stubborn. I have always viewed arthritis as an inconvenience that had to be ignored. Throughout my life when the pain was worst I gritted my teeth and pushed on. I adopted the Japanese mindset to "gammanshite," or persevere. That worked until last October. It was just a year ago, October 2014, that my knee started giving way whil
April 09, 2014
I have 410 e-mails in my inbox right now. All 410 are from WA and are notifications of blogs, discussions, or trainings that you all have written. All other messages have already been deleted. I feel like I am neglecting my WA family here by not reading or responding, however must beg your forgiveness as I probably won't be able to go through all 410. Do your e-mails pile up like that? I feel like I have to make a choice, whether to go through each e-mail or spend my time on my site and soc
April 03, 2014
I got two spam e-mails this morning that Gmail didn't filter. The first one had GM as the subject line and an attachment labelled Gmail. I was using my cell phone so I went ahead and opened it, figuring that if it was a virus worst case scenario I could erase my phone and start over. It was a letter claiming that I was chosen by Gmail to win $5000, and all I had to do was send my contact information and gender to the attached e-mail address. The e-mail address was Outlook, not Gmail. Gee,
March 30, 2014
I need a fairy godmother to make my wedding work. I need my own David Tutera! Never mind all of the tips and pointers I have on my website to help couples keep their weddings within budget because you have to actually have a budget in order for them to work. Want to know where my budget went? Probably not, but this is my blog so I'll tell you anyway. Last summer a family member needed a place to stay due to unexpected circumstances, so we let her stay with us. Four months later, she needed
There are many wedding movies to choose from, and I have a lot of them. You could almost say that I am a wedding movie junkie. Almost... I haven't watched them in a while. I may have to pull them out and have a wedding movie marathon. You know what, I just might! Today is the perfect day to do just that. It's wet, rainy, and teetering on cold. My fiance made chocolate chip cookies last night and I have plenty of ice cream, so I'm set! I posed the question "What is your favorite wedd
March 23, 2014
This great ride we have been on at WA is a roller coaster of a ride! There are ups, there are downs, there are twists and turns, and honestly there are moments of wanting to hurl. But we stay on. And if the ride ends we get back on. No one said that being an online entrepreneur would be easy. In fact everyone from Kyle and Carson down has said that we would have to put a lot of work into this new career and to not expect the first payout until we've done this for at least two mo
March 18, 2014
First let me just say - if you got a similar message from Pinterest, Great! I'm happy for you! But don't tell me until tomorrow. Let me have my moment to feel like I'm doing something right. I got an e-mail from Pinterest this morning saying that they want to feature businesses that use Pinterest boards creatively, and thought Saved Wedding would be a good fit. Who me?!? Couldn't be!! Ack!! Really?!? Wow, I wasn't prepared for this... So many people I want to thank... I want to thank my fiancee
March 02, 2014
It is COLD outside!! I realize that a lot of you live in cooler climate than I do, but hear me out. We had almost 80 degree F temps yesterday, and today it's in the low 20's! My poor bones can not keep up! We are not getting snow today but cold icy sleet. You can hear it hit the ground, like tiny needles. My crazy dog Kuro is enjoying eating the sleet off of our balcony because to him it is no different than chasing fallen ice cubes around the kitchen. Thus the pic of him licking his no
February 20, 2014
My puppy Kuro will eat anything. He eats the carpet regularly. I caught him in time before he destroyed an oven mitt, and I have already thrown away most of his gutted toys. He leaves traces of Nerf balls, blankets, towels, pet toys, sticks, acorns... you name it. If it's within reach, I guarantee it will end up in this dog's mouth. The other day I was in the other room and heard dishes clinking, and once I realized there was no one else here to wash dishes I rushed into the kitchen to fin