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Last Update: February 02, 2019

Most people use Instagram on your phones. But I don't like it very much, because the screen is very small and the eyes are very tired.

In fact, it is also possible on the computer.

(My picture will show Chinese because that is the language of my country, I will use English as much as possible to explain.)

1. When you use your computer to view Instagram, he will be like this:

2. In the second step, click on the right mouse button on the screen and select "Check". (I am not sure whether to display "Check" in the English interface, but this is translated in my Chinese interface.)

Then the screen will appear the interface of the red arrow in my picture, it may also be below the screen, I am not sure, but my is on the right.

3. Then you will see a small icon (number 1) on the top right, which will appear when you click on it (number 2).Is the screen the same as what you see on your phone? But it’s not over yet.

4. First, choose what you want to present (the red box in the picture). You can browse which one you are better to use.

Once you've made your selection, refresh your page. You can see that the screen looks the same as your phone interface. (Use iPhone X as an example)

Then you can use it as you did on your phone.

If you want to revert to the original look, just click on the small icon on the top right and refresh your page.

I hope this article is helpful to you. :)

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AlexEvans Premium
Thank you for sharing, very helpful.