There Is No Going Back Now

Last Update: July 01, 2019

Uh, I just created a new site from the Training Module. And I'm not sure how I feel about it because there's NO CONTENT in it... or on it... or anywhere near it... Is that good or bad? My brain just froze up after I hit The Button, and I thought, "oh, (expletive!) I'm not ready to go public yet!" There's nothing on it except the default stuff from the template.

So, how bad is it going to hurt if I don't delete it now? Or if I do? Even with nothing on it? Experienced Experts who've traveled this road before, please advise this F.N.G! (a colorful, euphemistic term for a Gentleman with very little experience)

Wait a minute! why am I getting cold feet and feeling bashful all of a sudden? I just made my first website... EVER!! I think that's pretty cool. Not even my 14 year old son has done that yet. Hehehhaha Woo-Hoo! Howya like me now, teenagers! Ow! I think I hurt myself doing the Happy Dance...

Please comment down below and lend some guidance to an injured blogger. If you spot the penny you get a prize.

(no actual humans were hurt during the creation of this post.)

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judym Premium
It's a process... hope it's going well for you! :)
ShaunnaLynne Premium
Now go forth and create content for that site LOL!
(mutters to self about missing the point)!
ShaunnaLynne Premium
Laughing so Hard my Sombrero Fell off and I Dropped my Taco

We've all done it! You probably haven't set your 'menus' up:
try these and see if that helps you out! 🤣 Shaunna