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For the last few weeks I have seen many questions about Buying and Hosting domains at Wealthy Affiliate. The first thing to understand is what a domain is. In the online business a domain is a name that starts with www (fullstop) Your domain name typically be you buy a domain you become the owner of a real estate in the online world where you are the ruler of that domain. You can set your own rules and rule the domain name you bought. Wealthy Affiliate does not sell any do
As part of my Boot Camp - Phase 1 I bought a domain. My objective is to build a site that will promote Wealthy Affiliate for the years to come. I have given significant time to choose it. I sent a couple Private Messages to Kyle about this domain selection. Suddenly I saw that Discover online Earning with the .com extension is available. With a little surprise, I was happy to buy the domain. But what mistake did I do? I did not google the domain name before buying it. Later I discovered that
PLZ don’t ask me to google.......... A few months ago, I attended a course about how to earn money from Amazon. This two day course promised that after finishing the course I will be able to generate around 1000 USD per month. A Facebook closed group was created for the members. Whenever I needed something, there were Google links. I tried hard to learn from Google. But I could not. I always lost track after following link to link, then, link and then link.............. After bein