Realizing the Power of Jaaxy and Wondering About Foreign Language Blogs

Last Update: December 26, 2020

While I've made a personal commitment to learning as much as I can at Wealthy Affiliate about how to make my blog profitable, I continue with other irons I have in the proverbial online business fire. One of those is using YouTube videos to sell affiliate products.

My Previous Efforts

I have a few YouTube videos I put up 6 to 12 months ago. In that timeframe, I've had about 30 total views shared amongst five videos. None of those views generated any viewer engagement (i.e. no likes or comments).

As far as I can tell, none of the views of my videos resulted in a click on my affiliate links and, therefore, no sales were made.

Enter Jaaxy

My YouTube descriptions and titles in the past were not based on specific keywords. Intuitively, I understood the need to make those entries be things for which people were actually searching. Still, I didn't have a tool like Jaaxy to help make that quest for searchable terms quick, easy, and effective.

Well, I have Jaaxy now and the results after one application of what I've been learning at Wealthy Affiliate and how it's affected my YouTube results makes me excited for my blog's future.

The Results with Jaaxy

After starting with a general keyword search and narrowing those results down to some long-tail keywords with decent search results and desirable QSR, I settled on two or three and incorporated them into my video titles and video descriptions. The results have blown my mind.

My primary keyword has 160 monthly searches with a QSR of 27.

In Google, I am on the first page for my keyword after less than 6 days.

On that first page, my Vimeo video is the second video and my YouTube video is the third video.

On YouTube, my video is in the second position.

Now for something totally unexpected. Those of us from English-speaking countries sometimes forget there's a wide, wide world out there where other languages are spoken and used for Search.

The video creation software I use has a text-to-speech capability that will give voice to your video script. A neat function is that it will automatically convert your English text into multiple other languages and render its narration in that language, as well.

For three of the five languages for which I created videos, I am in the number one position on YouTube and the number one video on Google for my search term in those languages. The videos have garnered six likes and resulted in one new follower to my channel.

Conclusion and a Question

Jaaxy is a powerful tool and I can't wait to use its power to get some free, organic traffic to my blog.

My question for the community:

Does anyone publish their blogs in multiple languages and, if so, how is your traffic to those other-than-English blogs?

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