I'm Going In.....

Last Update: March 23, 2014

So, I couldn't stand it any longer, had been going through the level 1 course, reading others posts, commenting and reading responses, checking out the features available on the WA website. Soul searching. Checking out some other opportunities I had in the lineup, one major one that would have taken out WA had it not been for the huge surprise "Fee" they sprang on me at the end of their webinar.....Yes, I knew in the back of my mind it was coming, just not the amount they were asking. Anyway, after spending this weekend using the WA site, I saw enough quality goodness in both the content and the people associated with and within the WA community to sell me on going to the Premium level. So, It is with a dash of trepidation, and a healthy dose of newby excitement that I commit myself to this endeavor now, and will spend all my spare time doing whatever it takes to learning this business, to the best of my ability.

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Melanie1508 Premium
Congrats Jack....and welcome....if we can help you...let us know. :)
BuckTaylor Premium
Way to go Jack!! Congrats on going premium. I just made the choice myself yesterday and couldn't be happier. It was tough making that decision though.
Drawshot Premium
Hi Jack. congratulations on going premium. It took me 4 days to decide that it was well worth the premium payments for all that is here. The way I looked at it is this. If I wanted to go to a local community college to learn what is here, I would most likely spend thousands of dollars, and not be earning anything for quite a while. Here I can start earning much earlier, and pay much less to get my business online.