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In Macro Mode With the Magic of Mushrooms If my title happened to get your heart racing and your palms sweaty, you will be sorely disappointed, and I apologize for that. This article is nothing more than discussing the use of macro mode on your digital camera or your cameraphone for catching close up shots of smaller or detail oriented photo opportunities! This past weekend provided me the opportunity to observe and record a yearly phenomenon on the forested floor in front of our cabin at the
July 28, 2014
Oh mannnnnnnnnnn, I'm really freaking out right now, I've started building my 1st website in bootcamp and I was doing some research on google and found my WEBSITE listed. I'm completely wigged out over it because I thought it would not be on the internet until I okayed it to be listed or something like that! I wanted to finish it before people could see it, or at least get it to a presentable stage! But what is really freaking me out the most is that someone else has written a description under
June 22, 2014
Hello all and wishing you all a great start to a new week! Have you been taking advantage of the Favorite Star just under the title to every WA page to the left side of the gear shaped thingy and affiliate link? I sure have and it has been a real blessing to have. Many many thanks to Kyle and Carson for adding this feature to the site. On any blog or instructional page or video, by clicking on this clear star, it will turn golden and you can save it to a favorites list which you can then
June 12, 2014
In the spirit of sharing, I am continuing JennPGD's suggestion to share pictures of our office spaces per her Blog If anybody else feels so moved please feel free to share your photos of your office spaces also. In today's age of mobility and technological advancement I think most of us can agree that the definition of the word office has morphed into something completely different to what was traditionally thought of just
Okay, so I took the leap from monthly to yearly premium membership weekend before last, right before leaving on my week long fishing trip. It was something I seriously wanted to do, I was just nervous about outlaying the chunk of money but in the end analysis, it was the only sensible thing to do. I knew after my first month here this was the place I needed and wanted to be, so it was just a matter of getting over the fear of laying down that chunk of money. And as soon as I did it, I felt a
Finally, that special time of year has arrived, the week of the full moon in the month of May, and I am off to my fish camp and dropping work like a hot rock out of hades! I have been immersed in this computer with WA for going on 2 months now (and loving every minute of it), and before that I spent 3 intense years putting myself through a crash course of learning a commodity and futures trading system. I am ready for a fishing trip and a nice break and that is where I am headin
Always been a rebel when it comes to time management, as in "I REBEL AGAINST IT" ! So with all the information overload I've been assaulting myself with here at WA in the past month and a half, for some odd reason these two words kept popping out at me everywhere I went at WA. Wondering why these two words kept staying at the forefront of my mind's eye, (besides the obvious spotting of them all over the WA site) , I began a somewhat semi-serious self-analysis as to why time management ha
March 23, 2014
So, I couldn't stand it any longer, had been going through the level 1 course, reading others posts, commenting and reading responses, checking out the features available on the WA website. Soul searching. Checking out some other opportunities I had in the lineup, one major one that would have taken out WA had it not been for the huge surprise "Fee" they sprang on me at the end of their webinar.....Yes, I knew in the back of my mind it was coming, just not the amount they were asking. Anyway,