A Quick Plan Take Action Create Income

Last Update: June 19, 2010

                        A Quick PLan
                      Take The Action
                   Creates The Income

Sitting around studying and training is ok but it doesn't create an INCOME
until you take the ACTION.

I've been in Real Estate probably too long but all those years if I didn't take
an action I didn't make any money.

So why am I adding this to my Blog.  Two reasons.  The first is that if I write
about it and tell the world that I'm taking the action them I have to take the

The second reason is that this is the fun part.  Taking the action, doing the marketing
and watching the magic happen. 

I started with my IM a few years ago.  Since I'm in real estate and have been an
agent for many years I thought that there was a void with many agents. 
You see, 80% of real estate agents shot gun their business and have no plan. 
Their constantly looking for business.

When I started to look into IM everywhere you go it's all about the tighter niches.

I felt that this could be applied to real estate so I posted a project on
elance.com for a copywriter.  I had 7 people apply for the project.

Luckly, an NLP from England living in Costa Del Sol posted his credentials
and I picked him to do the copywriting.

My site which is also my sales page is at www.realestateniching.com.

I intend with the direction of WA to develop a blog around site and a few landing
pages and some article marketing to send traffic to this page.

In addition, I will continue to develop my skills with WA and help my brother with
his guitar sales on ebay and where ever else we can find traffic for his project.

There's plenty of helpful tutorials in WA and I will greatfully let those people
know how helpful there tutorials are.

If you get to my blog hear and have any comments please feel free to pass them on.

I look forward to hearing form you.




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WRI Premium
Nice you could use that on a sales page.
Mike Morales Premium
Welcome to our WA family Bill. You are off to a great start. As Jamie said "Action is key" and it appears that you have a plan in place. See you around.
Jamie Smith Premium
Cheers Bill, I agree 100%, taking ACTION is key!