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My name is Bill and live in the Palatine Il. with my wife Tina. Palatine is a suburb of Chicago. I've been selling real estate in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago for many years. I've sold lots of home over the years and recently have started a large investor group where we meet once a month at my office. There are usually about 15 to 30 people who show up at the meetings. I started this group from the people I have met helping the Rich Dad Poor Dad investor groups when they meet here in my area. The instructors call on me to set up their house tours for the students and also ask that I talk to them about working with real estate agents in their specific market areas
Due to the recent Banking situtations and the slow up of home buying I decided to develop a business on line that would bring in a steady, resudial income for myself and my wife Tina. So here I am and would look for help from anyone out there.
I read about how people are making lots of money each day and I want to get there.
Interests are in:
Investment Real Estate
Helping My Brother Sell Guitars on Line
Expert Skier
Scuba Diving
I look forward to hearing from any of you soon.
Bill Kabat better know in the forum as webkab
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jimmy33 Premium
Thanks for the buddy request .Sorry i didnt respond sooner been reading all this great stuff!!!!
cheetah800 Premium
Hello Bill, thank you for buddy ad. I see, that we have the same carrer starter:) My first bussiness book was cashflow quadrant and very motivated me. have a nice day
RealityCheck Premium
Hello Bill,

Thank you for the add : )

I have a busy day scheduled for myself, so I am off to enjoy it! Have a great day!
Monika.S Premium
Hi Bill,

Thank you for buddy add :-)

Have a great day.

thinkbee Premium
Thank you very much for the welcome Bill. I look forward to communicating with you in the future. Larry