Making Progress With A Confused Mind

Last Update: March 24, 2016

I clicked the tab and it landed me on a Site which claimed to help me build a business that will last a lifetime. It never promised to be simple, but reinforced its commitment to walk me through the stages of my success. This was many days ago, and Wealthy Affiliate has not failed in their promise.

Yet, I've had my most confused, stressed and desparate week. I was so confused with the idea of building and running a website because I was such a novice.

More so, I was so stressed because I've had little time to sleep, moving from one webpage to another and doing my assignments coupled with regular work scedule from which I sincerely crave my freedom.

With each new level came the desperation to go higher. I saw my website come alive. I saw my posts make impacts and the traffic started dropping in.

I checked my site ranking and saw it drop from 73 to 68 in 24hrs. My posts were shared across the social media by friends and admirers. It was just moving from success to success.

Again, Weathy Affiliate kept dropping my ranks and within 3 days I dropped from the 3000s to the 1000s.

Can you see my confusion?

I'm literally pursued by SUCCESS!...and I don't wish to stop anytime soon.

How can I run away from this confusion?

Well, I discovered I don't have to.

It's my new nature.

The More confused I get, the more successful I become.

I now rejoice in my confusion, as they are the stepping stones to my breakthrough.

So, in case you're reading this and you're "CONFUSION QUOTIENT" is reaching boiling point, don't worry. Be calm and go through it.

The stress will eventually pay off.

TOYOTA would say,

"If it works, improve on it".

Stand on the successes you've attained so far and go through your pains, for in the end, the Price will be worth the Prize 😆.

Your fellow confused Millionaire,


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ladyluck2013 Premium
Hi Nnanna,
I guess I am not confused enough (lol) because my site seems to be going nowhere in terms of getting traffic (outside of WA). Your post is very inspiring to me because it has made me think of how bad do I really want to have success with my website and promoting WA. It comes down to just not letting everyday life get in the way--just making the time and putting in much effort to achieve the success I want. Thanks for sharing your confusion and inspiration to me and everyone else.
WealthyGates Premium
Ladyluck2013, you're so amazing. Thank you for stopping by. We're all getting confused by the day, like new born babes. Well, it's all part of the process. What WA refuses to tell us is that they're just inviting us to become wealth managers, and that's absolutely no child's play.

Think about this. Kyle and Carson, practically responds to thousands of members everyday. When do they really get the time to enjoy the money? So it is with all the Fortune 500s.

The only difference is that you no longer have to work for money. You now derive joy helping millions of people make money, and that I believe is the greatest virtue.

Don't lose hope. Knock on Every door you meet and they'll surely open up to you. Cheers!