GDPR Compliance

Last Update: May 24, 2018

Like to say a big Thank You to everyone, Loes, Marion, Giulia and all the others that have been so patient and understanding on educating us on this GDPR Compliance deal. Some of you may know, I have no patience with our governments. I feel there are a lot more important things in this world to fix besides making our lives more complicated!

Anyway, people have a way of complicating things too much, or my simple brain does not understand the complicated. The way I see things is all we need to do is edit the templates, that have been provided by the very smart people at WA, to fit our websites. Then post them in our Privacy Policy section of our websites.

If you have a sales funnel than you will need to get one of the plug-ins that have been talked about. Correct me if I am wrong, but I am assuming it depends on if you want a pop-up or just the opt-in form like what has been presented by Giulia and some of the others?

Either way, at first, I think this will make it harder to collect emails as this may scare people who do not fully understand what this is all about. Until the average person is educated as to what this is, it could make our jobs a little more difficult.

I have updated my Privacy Policies and I am going to think over the weekend about which plug-in to get. Let me know if I have simplified the process too much, or if I need to do more? Hope everyone enjoys the weekend and all of you in the U.S. remember our Veterans!!

THX Again to everyone for all their hard work, for researching these new regulations-the way things are going we may need to get ready for something like this from the U.S.!

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