Finding The Grove

Last Update: April 03, 2015

First I must say, i recently got my first sign-up and I am making a come back, gradually getting that momentum. It is an exciting feeling when you see your hard work coming to surface. So, I hope you are all impulse and ready to achieve you goals.

Second, I am still hearing, Google! So I am contemplating what if I left my freedom online. Nothing changes! Is Google the online master, and I have to make them happy? Or, Is my life base on my individual contribution. I go with the latter.

Third, Do I have enough time? I will spend more time working on my website. In order for me to survive, I must believe, at least. There is no one that is going to make this happen, but you.

In conclusion, I want to get back creating contents for my website, and make available time, to make my story known to my followers and support system.

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danbarth87 Premium
Very cool!