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Last Update: Jul 4, 2014


I was born in Kingston, Jamaica and migrated to Canada over 20 years ago. I live with my spouse and 4 children. I have a business administration certificate/diploma from centennial college in Toronto.

I went back to school thinking about doing the right thing, I had some high school training from back home and the engineering training was still plaguing I, but it’s after I had to leave my for first real job, I begin second guessing.

I wanted was to run my own business from I was a young man. I was always the one waiting for that grand opening, so I try doing some small projects creating a product that was idea generation.

I was online then during my administration courses trying to do class research, and all. Some of the class had real life simulation so I might have learned a little bit there; I receive high marks with live presentation.

I might have sign-up for quite a few make money affiliate program online with little or no knowledge at all, I tried…

So, it is very obvious, I try to take it with CAUTION. The sign is there showing me the pathway to succeed. My next tasks are to control my spending, reduce my debt and start earning a living online. With the experience I gain from the previous year online, I have courage that I will prevail.

My children are a handful, always via for my attention, but I do for me as well as making time for my online venture. Because I want to do this full time, I have to make that sacrifice.

My new way of life is to put in the time. I am not making a quick decision, I am making decision to change the rest of my life.

The night time is lonely, but suitable for doing online business so while I am getting the education, I will be losing some sleep.

I will be starting a writing challenge. Don’t know if it will be public. I want to write a book for the longest time. I don’t have a title. Lol. I have being touch by an angel. One Love!

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Tthank you all the motivation.

Wishing you every success Wayne :) Beverley

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