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So i posted the other week about waiting for replies to some of the affiliate companies id signed up to. Well im still here waiting, and getting really frustrated now has i feel this is a major setback. After a good start, set my site up, working through the courses and believed i was doing well, currently i feel a little deflated and want to get back the full enthusiasm i had when i started.Ive by no means threw the towel in, but i wanted to think by now i would have heard something back from
September 27, 2015
Hi, so i'm still waiting for a reply from my holland and barrett application, not sure if this is a good thing or not, however its a little frustrating has i wanted to get that up and running.I'm thinking sign up for an amazon affiliate account, and start doing reviews on products all based around chillies and get adding them to my website.Still reading the courses, step by step, some things seem a little harder to grasp than others, but still gradually getting there!Anyway I wish you all lots
September 15, 2015
Hi, so ive just signed up for my first affiliate company, holland and barrett, a UK based health supplement company. It says i've got to wait 10 days to be reviewed, and then hopefully get accepted, and fingers crossed get sales from the company.It's exciting now to think i've got to the stage of adding companies to my website, and look forward to adding many more!I wish you all success in your businesses too, kind regards Wayne.
So has I keep working through the tasks, and try to get has high up the google ranks has possible, I keep adding keywords to my jaaxy account, to try and maximise my potential with the product.So my question is, i'm still trying to understand how you can utilise this best. I've followed the training has I should, and sort of get it. I've been adding all the best words to get me up there, but has I add more content, I try to add more words that will hopefully get me higher ranked.So I just wonde
September 01, 2015
Hi, well i have had a week away so haven't got a lot done in the last week so i'm wanting to catch up on work.Im now on level 3 and at the stage where i am getting ready to add affiliate links into my site. So i've joined click bank, but since discovered that this site is only a digital market place, and not actual physical products. And a lot of the affiliates were not really suited to my site, although it may be ok for some things.So basically i am wanting a bit of advice on what particular p
Well, having set the foundations for a long and hopefully wealthy business here at wealthy affiliate, ive decided to opt in the yearly contract, so I have now committed myself here for the long term! Heres to mine and everyone elses success, kind regards Wayne!
August 17, 2015
Hi, well my journey here at wealthy affiliate so far is one of solid progress in my own opinion. Has someone who has never attempted to create a website, and never thought of doing one to be honest, I think so far im not doing too bad.The thing i'm most proud of so far is the fact, well firstly i'm on google, ok might not be high up the rankings yet, but I hope to get higher up the rankings I go. But just the fact I look at the site and feel so pleased at how it looks. Ok it needs tweeking a bi
Hi, i've been at wealthy affiliate just over 2 weeks and i've got to say I have been mightly impressed with everything so far here, the help and support, and the training which seems first class!.I'm by no means an expert at anything to do with web making, and without wealthy affiliate I wouldn't even attempt doing anything like this.So far I feel quite pleased with myself with what I have achieved. Ok there is still a long way to go and a lot to learn, but so far i've just followed Kyles videos