How to become a badass at managing your time with the added benefit of less stress?

Last Update: December 15, 2013

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The article is meant for students but I think that it is applicable to everyone.

One thing that successful people do best is that they can manage their time and stress. Having a full schedule doesn't mean that you're great, in fact, it could mean that your enjoyment towards life are affected.

The advice that Cal Newport gave is highly beneficial and I hope you guys take the time to read it.

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latesunga Premium
Interesting concept this, Straight A method: Underschedule, Innovate and Focus. At first it rubbed me wrong, but it makes sense to specialize rather than generalize. Thanks for that Wan :)
wanzulfikri Premium
No prob. Glad you liked it.
yessharon Premium
I took the time to read this and it is excellent advice to follow. I also bookmarked it because there are so many links in that sounded interesting. Even though it was written in 2008 it talks about grabbing the "low hanging fruit" and becoming an expert in that field. These are the same words that Kyle uses.
I want to make 2014 the year that I remove the clutter activities from my life and focus on meaningful activities. Thank You so very much for sharing this with us.
wanzulfikri Premium
No problem yessharon,

I also bookmarked a lot of his posts.

He has an interesting insight on how to develop passion that is you shoudln't start with interest.

Just find something that you want to excel in and work at it for a long time. After that the passion will come right away. An example would be the people who was featured in Dirty Job.

The job is not even one percent interesting but when they are long enough in it, you can develop the passion.

A new take to find a niche , perhaps?
yessharon Premium
That is quite an insight into the world of work. As I work at internet marketing and building websites I find that I have more passion for this type of activity. So....the more I desire to excel online the more passion I will gain for this type of work.