Traffic Elixir Scam Alert - Thanks to WA Training!

Last Update: July 03, 2014

One of my Google alerts let me on to the Traffic Elixir product launch, an auto post Google+ Communities plugin (to put it in a nutshell).

About same time, Jay did a Wabinar on using Google+ Communities the right way for generating traffic. This promoted me to so some investigation.

It was really interesting when I reviewed Traffic Elixir sales page and video demo, and compared it to the WA training. It goes against almost every principal that Jay taught in the training video, like evaluating the activity in groups instead of just blindly joining them, engaging first with helpful comments before you post an link/article, etc.

When I tried to research this plugin for a review on my website, I was shocked at all the unethical affiliate reviews that dominated the 1st page of Google. All promising 100's or even 1000's of dollars in free products if you buy from their link. But not a single proof of results or anything indicating that they have even used the product.

What I did stumble upon was a JV website, detailing exactly what the up-sells on this product are. There are 3 of them after the initial purchase, pushing the initial $49.95 to a potential purchase of over $400! This turned out to be a classic up-sell scam.Add to that a $12,000 cash promo contest! So that's why all those affiliates are promoting like crazy.

I decided to test drive the basic product for my review page. I immediately received an invite to webinar hosted by another 'guru'. I downloaded the replay out of curiosity. Much to my surprise, it only mentioned Traffic Elixir a few times, and in the end pushed for the sale of the product from that 'guru' with a starting with a price tag of $400, which would make Traffic Elixir obsolete! Seriously, now people are cross-selling while their own products are still in launch stage?!

I decided to get the message out and post my findings in my own Traffic Elixir Scam Review on my website. Unfortunately I am still learning and my SEO skills are no match for those super affiliates and their high ranking biased reviews. But I guess you have start somewhere in the fight against scams.

If anyone has time to review my post and give me some feedback, it would be much appreciated - I'm still trying to find the best review approach.

Fighting scams, one step at a time,


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Good Job Waldo - Keep writing them.