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Hi, my name is Marcus. Thanks for stopping by my Wealthy Affiliate profile!

Please Note: I have two profiles here at WA. This is my original profile that dates back to Nov' 2006. My more recent and most up to date profile can be found via the following link or by searching WA for 'Marcus WFHW'.


So here's my story...

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate in Nov 2006, I was an over-worked and underpaid factory worker. I'd dabbled with making money online via a number of different methods and products, but nothing stuck.

Since that day so much has happened to me at WA! I have since left my factory job, which means that I am able to spend more time with my family as a work from home Internet marketer!

I soon discover that everything you need to succeed is right here at WA, except the effort part. Once I learned how to focus and work at this like nothing I've ever done before (it did take me some time to realize this), the success followed.

And that's why I came here...to provide a better life for my wonderful family, and it is so very much worth it. I have them to thank for having faith in me, and of course Kyle & Carson for not only providing all we need here at WA, but being there for me personally too.

You'll never catch me leaving WA...it's become my second home! Having reached so many personal goals at WA, my objective now is to help those that join WA to realize they can also enjoy a high level of success here at WA.

Wishing you all the best!

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nessa Premium
Hi Marcus! ... I'm a freshie and someone who needs a hand to guide me through to success... wish to hear from you when I get stuck too like everyone else.Thanks
dajeno Premium
Hi Marcus.....I retired five years ago and have decided I'm not really cut out to be retired. So I'm ready to start a new career, but I am going to have to learn a lot. So I figure it's best to surround yourself with people who have been successful in the industry your are pursuing, so I have added you as a buddy.

Brownie54 Premium
Hi Marcus I'm glad to hear you got out of the factory. I retired from the auto industry after 30 years but I still have the pains from the assembly line. Having the freedom of your own business is much better.
Hawk51 Premium
Hey Marcus

I'm still an under payed metal fab worker. However, that's going to change this yr. I have resubscribed to WA and I'm staying on for the long haul.

Thanks Brian
skytrail Premium
thanks for the invite to the sa program, I do plan on getting involved. I first have alot to learn (did join wau accred prog) looking forward to being involved with sa soon!