One Letter Caused More Than 24 Hours of Trouble For SEO!

Last Update: August 20, 2017

One Letter Caused 24 Hours of Trouble!

Do not let it happen to you. One (1) Letter Could Make A Big Difference In SEO!

Well for the past day or two I have been trying to get my SEO lined up on one of my site page and saw no reason it should not, in my naked eye.

I did everything possible to see green, only to see orange return.

  1. The Title appeared right, the MetaDescription same
  2. The Keywords was in the Title and Description.
  3. It was within the numbers of letters required for a good SEO

So, I could not figureout what could be wrong that when I want to see green, I saw orange.

Then after much discernment, it finally revealed itself that I had an "s" where it should not be in one of my keywords in one of my Meta Description. More than 24 hours of R & D to discover the obvious.

Do not let that happen to you, sometimes it is more efficient to copy/paste. One letter made the differene

Hope this will help somebody, not let one letter cause so much trouble.

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pablocortina Premium
Thank you for the tip
RandyL1 Premium
Thanks for sharing!

MKearns Premium
Imagine the consternation I the days of pure coding!
Not so much consternation, just wasted energy, money and time. My Motto!
bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, JoeAnne.
drcmaint Premium
Thanks for the heads up.