Know the Difference of Employees vs. Independent contractors When Outsourcing

Last Update: August 15, 2017

Know the Difference of Employees vs. Independent contractors When Outsourcing:

Are you considering outsourcing your content of other parts of your business?

Small Business Administration distinguished the following as the main difference among employees vs. independent contractors and how it can impact our bottom line, as this affects how we withhold taxes and avoid costly legal consequences.

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MKearns Premium
It's a matter of overhead also. At WA you bear the overhead but it's simple. Employers bear their own!
Here at WA we are fortunate most "Do - It - Yourself". All of us are Employers (Sole Proprietor, Entrepreneurs)! However, WA is only the Marketing Component for those who have another business of select outsourcing.
bigrog44 Premium
Independent contractors can work on their own schedule. Employment you have to go by their schedule.
pablocortina Premium
Excellent point
DShensky Premium
An independent contractor charges you by the hour or project and they take out their own taxes working from home and get tax breaks--file under 1099 form---they work on their own time schedule

when someone works for the company they get paid by the hour, the company takes out taxes from their pay and matches certain taxes and they file a W-2 form---work on company time schedule