Last Update: July 04, 2016

We can't change what is going on around us until we change what is going on within us.

Progress is impossible without change, and those of us who can not change our minds can not change anything.

One reason we resist change is because we focus on what we have to give up, instead of what we have to gain.

It only takes one person to change our lives. US.

Change is the hardest at first, messiest in the middle and the best in the end.

Don't FEAR change - EMBRACE it. It brings new, fresh opportunities with it!

Every new day is a chance to change your life. Have a GREAT new day everyone.
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MPollock Premium
Nice reminder,
dobydaze2063 Premium
Sometimes we just need reminded....thanks Bruce!
JudeP Premium
Thank you Bruce, we all need to be receptive to change :)
JBatista Premium
Great thought to start the day! Thanks for sharing.
RTejeda Premium
That's true; The change has to be first within us. Thanks for sharing these thoughts, Bruce.