The Summer of 2018 - Co-Creating a Global Self Sustainable Community

Last Update: September 23, 2018


The summer of 2018 has been all about the deep dive into a complex software program which includes a CRM, Advertising on Social Media using digital Campaigns. It's been a Mind Bending - Brain Band Width Expanding - with an occasional Meltdown - Experience.

It's opened a portal to see how my Ultimate Vision to Co-Create a Self Sustainable Community (Niche Empowering Women) on a Global Platform could be achieved.

One of the homework activities was to create a simple picture post that would to drive "Likes" to our own Facebook business page. It worked. Yet I paid $250.00 for over 17,000 likes from real people around the world.

The intention was to build 'Credibility' and to gain entrance into an "Influencers Club."

One thing that struck me from that experience was how truly blessed we are to have an abundance of opportunities to pick and choose where we want to hang our "Entrepreneur Flag."

For over two decades my passion has been to help Women Around the World (and their families) with an equal opportunity to take care of their loved ones. Yet, I couldn't see the "How this could happen" part of my vision.

That is, until now. I wonder if WA is the piece of my puzzle that was missing.

My Higher Power has planted a seed, a mission and vision to do Create this Life Work while I'm here, enjoying the people on this Beautiful Blue Planet.

For 30 years, I've dedicated my life to Be in Service to People in recovery, relationships, health, and business. I like to have fun - yet I know how to work hard for my dreams. I just want everyone to have the same opportunities that I've been blessed with.

Today, my heart and soul are singing the "Happy" Song right now because it appears that WA has a similar vision and the platform to orchestrate it.

Truly, I didn't want to go to sleep last night because I wanted to continue my training. This is the most comprehensive digital online training that I've seen. Kyle is a master trainer and is simply brilliant in keeping his ego out of his videos. The blueprint to success continues to impress me.

Could my personal vision to "be in service to women around the world while co-creating a global self sustainable community" become a reality thanks to WA? Time will tell.

Thank you, Kyle and Carson for moving mountains and 'Doing Whatever It Took' for all of us to step into our own personal digital powerful selves.

You are the Visionaries who are shaping the future destiny of humanity, communities, and countries.

Blessings to all who Dare to Dream Big Juicy Passionate Dreams!

In love, gratitude and world peace,


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MKearns Premium
Good message. I like passion stories nancy!
DianneH Premium
Great blog. Very interesting and I look forward to reading more from you.

Keep up the great work and I wish you every success here at WA.
Visiondancer Premium
Wow...I appreciate your kind words. My first blog post. I'll follow you too!