London city

Last Update: February 12, 2016

i was in different area of London today including some shpoing mall. Every where i turned was full of people. motor way was busy full of cars,roads within the city was packed with cars and people walking on the road side. shopping malls was full to the brim, there were people all an about. every where was lively fun though! the weather was not bad at all.

My friend said its because Valentine falls on weekend. He was going on an on about the busiest of the city and valentine but i was completely lost in the tin air thinking of only but one thing.

I was thinking of how it will be nice to have such a traffic into my website. i was thinking of how i should be able to convert atleast 75% to wealthy affiliate and others to buy one thing or the other on my site. Am i dreaming? well! i wish my dream come through.

keep dreaming, learn, plan and take action, enjoy your weekend and happy valentine to you all.

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DanielP1993 Premium
I visit London a lot and agree with you! I live 30 miles out. Can fully understand your wanting to turn everyone into customers!
Best of luck,
VincentA Premium
Tell me about it Daniel. Safe bro!
tafa1990 Premium
i am a Londoner too and i know what you mean about it being soo busy. lol. i think you are on the right path, success should be the only thing you think about from the time you wake to the time you sleep. i think you have what it takes. only thing i would say is.... convert that dream to a vision. good luck :)
VincentA Premium
Thanks mate. I take that on board