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Video Marketing - Classroom Overview
Many people prefer to watch a video over to read and that is why understanding and utilizing video should…
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Recording and posting in youtube?
What equipment do I need to record and post my recordings on youtube?
4 days ago 9 Replies
How do I understand much more easy online business?
How long online business to make me see my goals comes true?
5 days ago 3 Replies
How to open screencast o-matic?
I've been suggested that I should download Screencast O-Matic. I did that and bought the service, but…
1 week ago 3 Replies
Adding video's and permission to use the videos?
Is it possible for me to add video's to my website from other sites like youtube, pinterest, etc.? Do…
2 weeks ago 3 Replies
This is a question related to youtube and copyright?
Hey Guys...anyone familiar with youtube and copyright? I have off course gotten myself some knowledge.…
1 month ago 9 Replies
How can I shoot a video, showing the computer screen and me?
Hi guys,Could you please enlight me on the following. How can I shoot a video, where I show the computer…
1 month ago 32 Replies
Is jaaxy lite suitable to youtube keyword seo?
Hi guys, Today I set up the Youtube channel and watched the Jay's trainning in 2014. But it looks a…
1 month ago 18 Replies
Is there a youtube thread to get comments on videos?
Hi,I thought there was a thread to get comments on our YouTube videos just like there is one to get…
1 month ago 14 Replies
Kyle, have you thought about starting a "youtube: the official share & subscribe thread!"?
I saw your Pinterest: The Official Share & Follow Thread! and wondered if we could have a similar…
1 month ago 4 Replies
What is best screen and webcam recorder?
I have and use Camtasia...some friends want to do video blog and I am curious what the recommendations…
1 month ago 6 Replies
How to use the shareasale video creative tool?
I found very little on the web to explain it, I'm assuming it's not a very often used tool. Even on…
1 month ago 2 Replies
How to add a subscribe button to my youtube page?
Good day WA family. I am in the process of setting up my youtube page and I am having a problem adding…
1 month ago 6 Replies
What background do you use for a webcam?
I am looking for some software that will change the background of my web camera. I'm sure there is software…
1 month ago 41 Replies
Can I use the videos from the manufacturer's website?
Is it allowed to use a video from the manufacturer's website to promote the product that I am reviewing?
2 months ago 5 Replies
How do I fix a youtube video on mobile?
Hello!I have been dabbling a bit in YouTube and created a video to go along with a recent article. Everything…
2 months ago 17 Replies
Is this considered breaking youtube laws?
Hey guys, need some help with this. Sometimes on youtube I see people combining videos created by others…
2 months ago 6 Replies
How to fade out a video?
Can anyone tell me how to make a video fade out at the end when I'm done editing? I'm using google photos…
2 months ago 4 Replies
There is a problem with the permalink of the post page?
Hi,good evening!Why is there no "s" after the http of the permalink post page?Thanks.
2 months ago 2 Replies
Recommendation for youtube video editing software for mac?
Hi everyone. I'm planning to start with a youtube channel soon. I do have an iMac. Does the movie software…
2 months ago 3 Replies
Can anyone suggest some free sources for graphic elements?
Hello everyone,I wanted to create and include some graphics on my website. I can use graphic tool to…
2 months ago 18 Replies
Other than youtube, what has worked for you?
Obviously, YouTube is the big dog when it comes to posting your video online. Are there any other video…
2 months ago 17 Replies
How to put amazon productimages as amazonaffiliate in video?
I wanted to make a youtube video for Amazon product as amazon associate.As amazon does not allow to…
3 months ago 4 Replies
Is screen recording other people webinar legit?
Making money online niche will never die. So do scammers and fake gurus willing to spend thousands of…
3 months ago 8 Replies
Embedding videos slow down site?
Does embedding videos on your articles slow down your site ? If so, maybe it's better to just link to…
3 months ago 3 Replies
What do I use to make the background a solid picture?
Usually I am pretty tech savvy, I admit though technology is starting to get ahead of me.I have many…
3 months ago 4 Replies
What are the tools, etc. you use for youtube?
Hey everyone! I really want to step up my YouTube game. Can you tell me your favorite tools, equipment,…
3 months ago 9 Replies
What has been best tactic to gain new you tube subscribers?
Other than creating and uploading great content, what has been your most successful strategy on You…
3 months ago 19 Replies
Youtube channel promotion on wealthy affiliate platform ?
Good Morning Kyle First off i hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and secure during these…
4 months ago 3 Replies
What is the best video editor nowadays? free and paid?
I tried a bit of editing with free editors but can not make a decision which one is the best to use.…
4 months ago 19 Replies
What is the best camera and video editing software?
Hello WAersI wish you could share with me what you use for Video editing and your favourite camera.Thank…
4 months ago 27 Replies
Farming to feed the nation through the process?
Has anyone know how this sector are doing take a look at this video
4 months ago 1 Reply
I can't see comments on youtube at all, is it me or a thing?
Hi guys, the past day or so I can no longer see comments under any video on youtube. I also have a youtube…
4 months ago 15 Replies
Have you learned to conquer your fear of videos?
Just wanted to let you know that I just checked on some rankings. My two videos on wild and edible plants…
4 months ago 48 Replies
Anyone have a review of home office lighting for video creation?
I'm in the market for a home office light for making videos. I'm looking for lower end cost recommendations.Does…
4 months ago 1 Reply
Has anyone experience with interactive video?
Hello everyone,Who can tell me how to make an interactive video? What equipment do you need?
4 months ago 14 Replies
How can I get myself from this stage to a good performing ?
Hello,I have been through a lot of training and now I realized that:1- Any blog that I post, I get no…
4 months ago 7 Replies
Am I permitted to acknowledge creative commons license here?
I'm subscribed to a video creation tool whereby creative commons clips are legally allowed to be added…
5 months ago 6 Replies
The term - zoombombing - what is it exactly?
hey hi everyone ...Since we're all 'at home' so to speak and Zoom is now coming into…
5 months ago 23 Replies
How to upload very large videos to youtube?
Hello WA Family, I hope you are all well and staying safe in these crazy times.Does anyone know how…
5 months ago 11 Replies
Youtube content is it allowed?
since youtube is a public forum am I allowed to use youtube links in my content? Say the way twitter…
5 months ago 2 Replies
Zoom video meeting equipment is it any good?
Has anyone used Zoom for meeting etc and if so do you like the equipment? Anything out there better…
5 months ago 5 Replies
Looking to purchase a microphones, any recommendations ?
So, as I move into unchartered territory, I need to buy a microphone. Not looking to remortgage but…
5 months ago 41 Replies
Can I share other youtube videos in my youtube channel?
Is it legal for sharing or posting other Youtube videos on my Youtube channel?
5 months ago 2 Replies
Are there videos I can use on my site from wa?
So I don't have to find obscure ones on Youtube?
5 months ago 14 Replies
Is anyone else having problems uploading videos to youtube?
HiI have been trying to upload a new video to Youtube for several hours but I keep getting an error…
5 months ago 6 Replies
What is the best video editor that is free?
Okay I have taken the plundge into video only to find that the free video editor I was using places…
5 months ago 25 Replies
Solving glitches in powerpoints to mp4?
Hi All. This question is totally outside of web site/ WA stuff, but I really need help. I teach design…
6 months ago 14 Replies
Do you have a youtube channel for your website?
Do you have a YouTube channel for your website? Yes or no? Why or why not?
6 months ago 55 Replies
What's good for creating maths videos?
Hi guys, I came across Doodly for creating videos and it's quite cool but probably not what I really…
6 months ago 14 Replies