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Last Update: February 27, 2018

Hey every one this is gong to sound crazy but I just spent over an hour on something that should have taken me about 15 minuets, when filling out your user profile make sure you e-mail is right. I was trying to create an gravatar, for my site / email and just could not get it to work then I noticed when I added my profile to my website I had the e-mail wrong and it would not go through, when I fixed that wala it worked, wasted time time I hate that, but finally success.

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JeannineC Premium
We have people apply to all the time, then reach out and tell us they used the wrong email address. Probably 5-10 times per week. It's so easy to mess that up because it is so familiar often we don't even bother reading what we just typed.
VickiG Premium
Well now I don't feel so bad, just hate to waste that much time on such a silly mistake. Thank you for making me feel better